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Office of Records and Registration

Faculty and Staff Resources


It is recommended for faculty and staff to add this confidentiality statement to their email signature:

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission and any documents accompanying it may contain confidential information, protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Please protect the privacy of this information and do not forward this email. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender to arrange for the return of the message and any attached documents.

Academic Activity Guides

Grading Guides

Registration Guides

Registration Override Codes and Processing for Advisors

This resource is used to identify registration override codes and to learn how to process overrides.

Registration Holds in Banner Admin Pages (SOAHOLD)

This resource is used to identify registration override codes and to learn how to process overrides.

Late Registration and Course Transfer Form

Use this form for students that need to Late Register or Course Transfer. More details on these processes can be found on our Registration Guide webpage.

Drops for Non-Attendance for Faculty and Staff

Learn how to access the Drop for Non-Attendance self-service screen and how to process drops.

Accessing and Processing Waitlist Moves for Chairs

Learn how to access the Course Waitlist self-service screen and how to move students on the waitlist.

Scheduling Guides

Additional Guides & Resources

Course Fees Review in Administrative Applications

Learn how to access the course fees resource.

Online Late Degree Award Form Instructions

Learn how to submit the Late Degree Award form.

Preferred First Name and Pronouns

Learn about student preferred names and pronouns.

Preferred Name Cross Referencing for Faculty

 A resource for preferred name referencing.

Graduate Program Director Resources

An all-in-one Graduate Program Director resource.

Course Evaluations (ISQs)

Learn about the Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Excess Hour Surcharge - Q&A for Advisors

An Excess Hour resource for UNF Advisors.

Records and Registration Calendars

Matriculation and Faculty Calendars