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Office of Records and Registration

Records & Registration FAQs

Many of the commonly asked questions concerning the Office of Records and Registration are listed below. If your questions does not appear, please be sure to search out top menu bar for a related topic.

For any additional questions, please reach out to One-Stop Student Services.

  • How do I change my legal name, current my date of birth, change my address, etc.?
    Please visit our Personal Information Updates webpage to download the required update form and to view what documentation may be required to update your information.
  • How do I change my major?

    To change majors, students must see their academic advisor. Only an academic advisor can submit the required form to start the major change process. Deadlines for major changes will still be adhered to and we will process the request according to University procedures. If you are interested in changing to a major housed in a different college, then you will need to see the receiving college's advising office for submission of the request.

  • How can I reclassify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes?

    Please visit the UNF Residency Office's webpage for information related to residency reclassification for tuition purposes.

    Please note that residing in Florida for more than one year does not necessarily mean that a student is a Florida resident for tuition purposes. Florida State law specifically states that residing in the state for the purpose of attending school is not reason enough for reclassification to state residency status for tuition purposes. Additionally, if a student is under the age of 25, we must look to the parents' residency for tuition purposes.

    The reclassification process requires the submission of multiple pieces of documentation and additional documentation may be requested if needed to render a decision. Reclassification may take a few weeks to complete, so students should be prepared to apply a month or two before the semester begins and to closely monitor email for communication regarding the reclassification application.

  • How do I drop or withdraw from a course?

    Withdrawing and dropping are two separate and distinct ways a student can remove themselves from an academic class.


    Dropping can only take place from the start of a term’s registration period to the end of the add/drop deadline. Dropping a class relieves a student of financial responsibility for the dropped class. If the student has already paid fees and then drops a class, the student will receive a full refund for the dropped class.

    Courses scheduled to meet for the first time after the add/drop period ends may be dropped the next business day only in One-Stop Student Services. Tuition and fee payment is still due on the regular deadline for all classes.


    Withdrawing begins after the posted drop for non-payment deadline (generally three business days after the add/drop period ends) and ends on the posted withdraw deadline. Please view the UNF Academic Calendar for these specific dates. Withdrawing does not relieve a student of financial responsibility.

    Withdrawal deadlines can vary for classes that occur during shorter semesters and for classes with non-traditional start and end dates. A "W" will appear on the academic transcript in place of a grade for all classes from which a student withdraws.

    Please visit the Withdrawal Policy webpage for more information as well as instructions on how to withdraw from a class.

  • Is there a time limit for registering for a course?

    Yes, students may register for a class only during the registration period for the term in which they are enrolled and no later than the last day of late registration for that term. Students who wish to audit a course must indicate their intentions online or on the registration form. View the registration deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

    Students who register for classes during late registration will be assessed a late registration fee in addition to the applicable tuition and fees.

  • What is a registration hold?

    Registration holds are placed on student records by different offices to prevent registration until the matter regarding the hold has been resolved. All holds must be cleared by the issuing office prior to registration. Students are notified of their holds when they attempt to register. You may view any holds on your records or registration through the Holds box on the myWings web portal

    You will be directed to contact the department issuing the hold.

  • What is non-degree registration?
    Non-degree registration is the date on which students admitted in a non-degree seeking status may register for classes. Non-degree seeking students are those not interested in pursuing a UNF degree (i.e., taking courses for enrichment, for certification, to transfer to another university). Course work credit will appear on a UNF transcript as non-degree seeking. There is a nine (9) credit hour limit. Learn more about applying to UNF as a non-degree seeking student.
  • What do I do if a course I want is closed?

    Most departments offer an Online Waitlist (OWL) option. When you register online or in person and find that a desired course is full, the OWL will give you the option of signing up on a waiting list for that course. For more information about the waitlist system, please read the online waitlist FAQ. Please Note: It is your responsibility to drop yourself from the waitlist if you no longer wish to enroll in the course. If you are added to the class, you will be fee liable.

    Override policies vary with each academic college within the University. The departmental representative must give an electronic "override" so that you may register. In some cases, the course may have reached its enrollment limit. When this situation occurs, no additional students can be enrolled in the course due to safety requirements related to classroom sizes.

  • When does registration begin for the next term?

    Registration typically begins two weeks before the term begins (except for spring registration which begins in November due to the winter holidays in December). The course schedule is on the web three weeks before registration begins.

    Specific dates will be posted on the Academic Calendar page or Events and News box within the myWings web portal.

  • Why do I see an error message when I try to add a course?
    If you see an error message when you try to register for a course, there may be a restriction on the course. Also known as registration add errors, registration restrictions require you to obtain permission from an academic advisor or even the department or college offering the course before you will be permitted to add the course to your schedule. Click for a list of common registration add errors and whom to contact for assistance.
  • Is there a way to access the course schedule online?