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Office of Records and Registration

Concurrent Enrollment


Concurrent Enrollment refers to currently registered UNF degree-seeking students who wish to earn credit at another accredited post-secondary institution for transfer into a UNF degree program. All students (upper and lower division) must complete the concurrent enrollment form, obtain written approval from an academic advisor, and obtain certification from the UNF One-Stop Student Services prior to concurrent enrollment elsewhere. 

For UNF students attending a Florida public institution:

  • Complete an electronic application through FloridaShines. You may download Concurrent and Transient Enrollment Instructions  for assistance. Please note that not all Florida public schools participate in the FloridaShines program, so check the list of schools carefully. Not all schools have the capability to process financial aid requests via FloridaShines, but the functionality will eventually be available. If you are not prompted to answer financial aid questions on the FloridaShines electronic application, you will have to complete the UNF Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

For UNF students attending a Florida public institution that does not participate in the FloridaShines program:

  • Obtain a transient student application form from your academic advisor in your home institution, complete it, and submit it to: 

One-Stop Student Services
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

For UNF students using GI Bill® benefits:

  • Obtain a paper-based VA Concurrent Enrollment Form from the Military and Veterans Resource Center, complete it with your advisor, and submit it to a VA Certifying Official in the MVRC for signature. This paperwork is in addition to one of the options above. 
  • Provide a copy of the completed form to the school you will be attending, as their VA Certifying Official will need to certify your enrollment for the course(s) you will attend there. 

Upon completion of the course, you must have an official transcript sent to UNF.

Limited Concurrent Enrollment Hours For Lower Division Students

Students who have matriculated at UNF as lower division students (less than 60 credit hours) may concurrently enroll in no more than a maximum of seven hours at another accredited community college for credit toward a UNF degree program. Exceptions may be approved by the academic advisor for extenuating circumstances. Students who wish to take courses at another SUS institution during the summer in order to fulfill the Board of Regents nine hour summer attendance requirement may be granted permission to take courses that will be offered at UNF during the summer term, but only up to a maximum of nine concurrent hours. Upon completion of the course, the student must have an official transcript sent to UNF.

Concurrent Enrollment and Financial Aid

Learn how concurrent enrollment works with Financial Aid.