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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Transient Enrollment

UNF degree-seeking students who elect to attend another college or university as a concurrent/transient student may be eligible to receive aid from UNF for those courses.

In-state Public Institution

For students attending an in-state public institution, you must complete a Transient Student Admissions Application online at Florida Shines. Your academic advisor must approve the course(s) as applicable toward your degree to be eligible for financial aid. Please allow 5-10 business days to process your application once submitted. Financial aid will disburse when your Enrollment Certification has been received from the host institution. The Enrollment Certification is electronically requested by UNF shortly after the start of the term. 

Out-of-state/Private Institution

For students attending an out-of-state or private institution, the following must be completed to have transient credit hours considered for UNF financial aid:

  • UNF Transient Enrollment Form - This form must be completed and submitted to One-Stop Student Services.
  • Concurrent/Transient Student Enrollment Form - Prior to registering for courses at the host institution, this form must be completed by the student and signed by the student's academic advisor listing the approved coursework. Students can receive this form from their academic advisor. Once completed, the form must be signed by One-Stop Student Services.
  • Paid Fee Slip from Host Institution - The fee slip must show the student is enrolled in and has paid in full for the approved courses. The fee slip must list the courses and show a $0 balance.


  • Your posted financial aid award is an estimate.
  • Disbursement of all aid programs is contingent on your actual eligibility and enrollment. Some aid programs, such as UNF and Institutional Grants and Scholarships, will not prorate for credit hours taken at another institution.
  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours at one institution to meet eligibility requirements for most forms of financial aid. Students who enroll in three credit hours at one school and three credit hours at another are not eligible for funding except (in some cases) Federal Pell Grants.
  • You must be registered for the approved courses listed on your UNF Concurrent Enrollment/Transient Form or your Florida Shines application.
  • Aid awarded at UNF may be disbursed after receipt of your Enrollment Certifications from the host institution. No additional aid will be disbursed until the process between UNF and the host institution is complete.
  • Students attending out-of-state or private institutions must submit an official transcript from the host institution to UNF at the end of the grading period. Credit hours and grades are not automatically transferred.
  • In addition, you should submit a Consortium Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal once your transcript is evaluated to ensure Satisfactory Academic Progress standards are met.
  • You must pay for your tuition charges at your host school upfront. You cannot defer your tuition costs at your host school against financial aid awarded to you at UNF.
  • Federal financial aid regulations prevent you from receiving financial aid disbursements from two separate institutions in the same academic term. Doing so will result in non-compliance and may jeopardize your financial aid eligibility.

Please check Transient/Concurrent Enrollment deadlines for each term on Important Financial Aid Dates.