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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

The Office of Student Financial Aid begins reviewing files for the upcoming academic year shortly after the FAFSA opens. Award information is posted in mid-December in each student's myWings. Initial awards are based on the assumption of full-time enrollment for the fall and spring terms. The posting of an award does not guarantee your eligibility. After the add/drop period has ended, awards are disbursed to your UNF bill based on your actual enrollment. Aid programs that do not require full-time enrollment will prorate based on the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled each term.

Make sure you know the enrollment requirements for each of your award programs. Enrollment and eligibility requirements can be found in the 2023-24 UNF Financial Aid Guide and 2024-25 UNF Financial Aid Guide.Taking classes at another institution through concurrent/transient enrollment may affect how your financial aid awards disburse. 

To view general term-specific information, visit the following:

Fall and Spring Terms Spring Term Summer Term

Please visit the following links for more information on each type of financial aid:

Loans Scholarships Grants

You are responsible for keeping track of your financial aid file, before and after you receive your award information.

  • Check your UNF email regularly for the most up-to-date financial aid information.
  • Monitor your financial aid information in Banner Self-Service (accessible via your myWings account). Submit all required documents in a timely manner.
  • Through the verification process, your eligibility may change resulting in an adjustment of your awards.
  • Resources not listed in your UNF financial aid award may affect your eligibility. Notify One-Stop Student Services of any additional resources which may affect your financial aid eligibility. 

Additional Information

UNF Net Price Calculator

UNF provides an online net price calculator to assist first-time-in-college students with estimating out-of-pocket expenses associated with enrolling at the University. The actual costs incurred depend upon the individual student information. Students who are in need of financial counseling should request this assistance through One-Stop Student Services.