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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Enrollment Services Appeals

Enrollment Services Appeals may be submitted for Financial Aid, Residency, and Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review.

The Enrollment Services Appeals are completed online in myWings:

  • Log into your myWings portal
  • Choose Student on side menu.
  • Select Student Resources, and then Banner Self Service
  • Click Online Forms
  • Select Enrollment Services Appeal, under Appeals and Petitions

Financial Aid Appeals:

  • Denial of a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
  • Loss of an Institutional Scholarship or Grant (UNF Presidential, Swoop, UNF/Jacksonville Commitment, etc.)
  • Loss of State Scholarship (Florida Bright Futures)

The following items are required for Financial Aid Appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement explaining extenuating circumstances (uploaded with appeal)
  • Documentation* to support the circumstances cited in your student statement
  • Academic plan of action, if applicable, signed by your academic advisor

Residency Appeals:

  • Denied In-State Residency
  • Denied In-State Residency Reclassification
  • Review of Residency Reclassification or Initial Residency Classification after the deadline

The following items are required for Residency Appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement
  • Supporting documentation*

Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review Appeal:

The following items are required for Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review Appeals:

Signed and dated student statement including:

  • Name
  • UNF ID (N#)
  • Course(s) for which an exemption is being requested
  • Statute language that serves as the basis for the exemption being requested
Supporting documentation* which may include, but is not limited to:
  • Signed statement from your academic advisor on letterhead, verifying non-degree-applicable courses
  • DD214
  • Course description from another institution (in cases of internship exemptions)

Special or Unusual Circumstances Appeals

If you feel that you have special or unusual circumstances that are not being reflected on your FAFSA, please contact One-Stop Student Services to discuss your specific situation. Although considerations for specific situations are limited, we offer you the ability to provide us with this information.

The answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the Enrollment Services Appeals process are posted below.

For additional questions, please contact One-Stop Student Services.

*Supporting documentation should be uploaded prior to submitting. The Enrollment Services Appeals Committee will not consider appeals submitted without documentation. A minimum of two documents (student statement and supporting documentation) should be uploaded, however up to ten documents may be uploaded, if needed.

Submission of an Enrollment Services Appeal does not guarantee approval.

The decisions of the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee are final; no additional appeal review levels are provided.

  • What is a statement of support or supporting documentation?

    Supporting documentation comes in a variety of forms and depends on the appeal type and extenuating circumstances cited in your student statement. Students appealing based on a death in the family should submit a legible copy of the death certificate, funeral program or obituary. Students appealing based on health reasons need to submit medical documentation. In general, any claim of an extenuating circumstance that hindered a student’s academic success should be backed up with concrete documentation.

    Statements of support may be submitted with an Enrollment Services Appeal and can come from a variety of sources. For example, one may choose to seek a statement of support from an academic advisor, professor or an employer. A student experiencing serious medical issues may choose to seek a statement of support from a healthcare professional. Statements of support should be signed, dated and printed on official letterhead.

  • What other information should I provide?
    The decisions of the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee are final. Therefore, you should take the proper time to be sure your appeal is complete and provides a thorough account of any extenuating circumstances that may have hindered your academic progress. Students must submit a signed and dated student statement, as well as statements of support from appropriate sources based on the circumstances cited in your appeal. Any documentation that you feel strengthens your appeal should be submitted.
  • Can I submit multiple Enrollment Services Scholarship Appeals?

    While we support your right to submit an Enrollment Services Appeal, we caution you that the likelihood of a subsequent Enrollment Services Appeal being approved based on identical circumstances is low. You should submit a subsequent appeal if the reason for that appeal differs from the reasoning for your first appeal. For example, if your first appeal was for Residency Reclassification and now you are submitting an appeal for the loss of a scholarship, those are appeals for two different reasons and you are encouraged to submit. If the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee previously denied your appeal and you resubmit the exact same appeal it will not be reviewed by the Committee as decisions of the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee are final.

  • My Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal was denied for lack of extenuating circumstances. Can I appeal to the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee?
    Yes, you have the right to appeal your SAP denial with the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee. However, the student statement you submit with your Enrollment Services Appeal must include the extenuating circumstances that hindered your academic performance. If you did not include extenuating circumstances in your SAP appeal because you did not think it was necessary, be sure your Enrollment Services Appeal includes a detailed explanation of the circumstances that led to your Satisfactory Academic Progress suspension AND supporting documentation to corroborate those circumstances. Remember that the decision of the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee is final.
  • What is a Graduation Contract?
    A Graduation Contract is a document that you complete with your academic advisor. The form is a true contract in that it should state the exact number of credit hours required to complete your degree. The total credit hours should represent only those needed to complete your degree program without additional minors, concentrations or courses that are not needed to fulfill the requirements of your degree program.
  • What happens if I withdraw from or fail a course after my Graduation Contract is approved?

    Students who withdraw from, fail or receive an incomplete (I) grade in a course after having a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal and Graduation Contract approved, or receive a low term GPA will return to a suspended status immediately after the next SAP evaluation period. In order to be considered eligible for financial aid, the student would then need to file a new SAP Appeal and Graduation Contract on the basis of new extenuating circumstances.

  • I withdrew/failed a class last term that broke my Graduation Contract, resulting in a Satisfactory Academic Progress Suspension. Can I appeal?
    While you have the right to appeal, please note that the Graduation Contract students are required to sign as part of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal specifically reads, "This contract is binding. Incompletes, withdrawals, course failures or failure to meet minimum SAP GPA requirements from this point forward will result in a breach of this contract and doing so will result in the student being immediately returned to Financial Aid Suspension." Therefore, if there were no extenuating circumstances beyond your control leading to the withdrawal or failing grade, the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee will not consider your appeal.
  • What is an Academic Plan of Action?

    An Academic Plan of Action is a statement of continued academic success. An appropriate Plan of Action should outline how you plan to ensure future success if your Enrollment Services Appeal is approved. The Enrollment Services Appeals Committee strongly recommends you meet with an academic advisor to formulate your Plan of Action. A successful Plan of Action should not make statements such as, "I plan to make straight A's next term," as that may be an unrealistic plan that would ultimately set you up for failure. Additionally, your Plan of Action should not include "attending all class sessions" and/or "studying," as these things are expected of all University of North Florida students. An appropriate Plan of Action should outline specific measures you will take to meet SAP standards in all future terms. Some examples might be: reducing work hours and/or extracurricular commitments; utilizing campus resources such as tutoring and academic advising, etc. Remember to DOCUMENT your Academic Plan of Action! For example, if you are reducing your work hours to commit more time to your academics, you should include a signed letter from your employer (on company letterhead) which outlines your old and new work hours.

  • I am an out-of-state student for tuition purposes, but meet requirements for in-state tuition.

    The Enrollment Services Appeals Committee can help you! Students who missed the residency deadline, or are appealing a residency determination, can submit an Enrollment Services Appeal asking to be considered for Initial Residency or Residency Reclassification. If you are appealing your residency decision, you should submit a signed and dated student statement explaining your circumstances, along with supporting documentation. 

    Residency appeals and all supporting documentation must be submitted by the last day of the term the student is appealing.