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Financial Aid and Scholarships

How to Buy Books Using Financial Aid

Eligible Financial Aid recipients may receive up to $600 per term to purchase textbooks from the University of North Florida bookstore. The Bookstore Authorization may be used online or in-store to purchase textbooks and educational supplies only.

The amount of the Bookstore Authorization is limited to the anticipated financial aid refund for the term and may not exceed $600 per term.

Eligible students will receive notification of their Bookstore Authorization via their UNF email account. The email will direct students to their myWings account to view the value of the Authorization. Students can monitor their transaction history and the balance remaining on the Authorization in myWings.

A Bookstore Authorization is part of a student's total financial aid for the term it is not additional funding and the value represents the anticipated refund at the time the Authorization was issued. Changes to enrollment, especially changes that increase a student's fee assessment may result in changes to the actual value of the Bookstore Authorization. Changes to the value of a Bookstore Authorization will be reflected in the student's myWings account.

The Bookstore Authorization may be used between the date the student receives the email and the expiration date available in myWings. The expiration date is generally the next calendar day following the add/drop period. Please visit Financial Aid Important Dates for more information.

  • Do I qualify for a Bookstore Authorization?
    Students who have completed the Financial Aid Authorization Form on myWings and have enough financial aid accepted to cover their term charges with money left over qualify for Bookstore Authorizations. Remember, only aid that you have accepted is counted toward a Bookstore Authorization. PLEASE NOTE: Student loans must be accepted each academic year.
  • What is the maximum amount I can receive in a Bookstore Authorization?
    The maximum you can receive is $600. However, individual amounts will vary based on your expected financial aid overage.
  • How will I be notified that I have a Bookstore Authorization?
    If you qualify for a Bookstore Authorization, you will receive an email via your secure UNF email address. The email will direct you to log into your myWings to learn the amount for which you have qualified.
  • When are Bookstore Authorization approval emails sent?
    Bookstore Authorizations are typically created two weeks prior to the beginning of each term. We will send daily emails to notify students who have newly qualified throughout the Authorization usage period.
  • When does my Bookstore Authorization expire?
    Bookstore Authorizations are typically valid until 11:59 pm the day following the end of the add/drop period. Please check your myWings account for exact dates.
  • Where can I use my Bookstore Authorization?

    You can use your Bookstore Authorization in the UNF Bookstore or online.

  • How do I use my Bookstore Authorization?

    In-person at the UNF Bookstore: You must have your UNF Osprey 1Card with you to use your Authorization in-store. When you get to the register, inform the cashier that you are using your Bookstore Authorization and the cashier will prompt you to swipe your Osprey 1Card. The value of your purchase will be deducted from your Authorization. If your total purchase exceeds the amount of your Authorization, you will have to pay the difference.

    Online via eFollett: During the online payment process you will be asked if you are using financial aid to pay for books. Choose the Bookstore Authorization option. It will prompt you to enter your 1Card #. You will find your 16-digit 1Card on your Osprey 1Card beneath your UNF ID number. If you do not have an Osprey 1Card, you can locate this information via the Financial Aid tile in myWings (Bookstore Authorization number for online purchases).

  • What can I purchase with my Bookstore Authorization?
    You may use your Bookstore Authorization to purchase any book or supply that is educational in nature.
  • Can I use my Bookstore Authorization to purchase my books online?
    Yes, but only when purchasing books online at the UNF Bookstore. During the online payment process, you will be asked if you are using financial aid to pay for books. Choose the Bookstore Authorization Program option. It will prompt you to enter your 1 Card #" You will find your 16-digit 1 Card #" on your Osprey1 Card beneath your UNF ID number.
  • Is a Bookstore Authorization additional financial aid?
    No. A Bookstore Authorization is an advance of your anticipated financial aid overage. It is not additional money.
  • I didn’t get a Bookstore Authorization email. Why not?

    The most common reasons for not getting a Bookstore Authorization are:

    • You do not have enough financial aid to create a financial aid overage
    • You are not registered for classes
    • You are not registered for enough credit hours to qualify for the financial aid you have accepted
  • Why has my Bookstore Authorization amount changed?
    Bookstore Authorizations are dynamic and can vary daily based on changes in: registration, housing, meal memberships and/or financial aid. Log in to your myWings to view your daily Bookstore Authorization balance as of that morning. Your myWings will reflect all purchases and returns as well as any aid and/or registration adjustments.
  • What happens if I don’t use all or part of my Bookstore Authorization?
    Any unused Bookstore Authorization funds will be returned to you when you receive your financial aid refund.
  • How are my bookstore charges paid?
    After the add/drop period has ended and your financial aid disburses, your bookstore charges will be paid using your financial aid overage. After all charges have been paid, you will receive any leftover financial aid via the regular refund process.
  • I received a Bookstore Authorization, but when I went to the bookstore and swiped my card, it was declined. Why?

    This is likely due to changes in your financial aid and/or your registration since your Bookstore Authorization was last calculated. The most common reasons for a reduction or cancellation of a Bookstore Authorization are:

    • You no longer have enough financial aid to create a financial aid overage
    • You are no longer registered for classes
    • You are no longer registered for enough credit hours to qualify for the financial aid you've accepted
  • Can my Authorization be increased/decreased?
    Yes. Bookstore Authorizations are recalculated daily during the usage period. Bookstore Authorizations can be both increased and decreased based on changes to your aid and/or registration. Remember, the maximum total amount you can receive per term is $600.
  • Can I get more than one Bookstore Authorization?
    No. However, your Bookstore Authorization can be increased during the usage period (up to the maximum of $600 per term) if your financial aid overage increases.
  • I returned a book. Does that amount get credited back to me?
    If you return a book purchased with a Bookstore Authorization during the usage period, the return amount will be credited back to your Bookstore Authorization. If you return a book after the usage period, the bookstore will determine how you will receive your refund. Remember, all UNF bookstore policies are enforced on returned merchandise.
  • I spent all or a portion of my Bookstore Authorization, but I no longer have a financial aid overage because my awards changed. What happens now?
    After the add/drop period has ended, but before financial aid disburses, you will have a charge placed on your UNF bill for the Bookstore Authorization amount that you spent. You must pay this amount within five business days to avoid a $100 late payment fee. Unpaid balances can also result in financial holds, which will prevent you from making any registration changes.
  • I have been selected for financial aid verification. How does this affect my Bookstore Authorization?
    If you are going through the verification process, you can still receive and utilize a Bookstore Authorization. However, your financial aid offer is an estimate until verification is complete. Remember: you are not being awarded additional money for books. You are simply using your anticipated financial aid award in advance of your aid disbursing. If your financial aid award is adjusted during the verification process, this could alter the value of the Authorization. You will owe any balance not covered by your awards.