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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator only applies to full-time undergraduate students seeking their first undergraduate degree or certificate.

It is important to understand the following:

  • Estimated total price of attendance is calculated for fall and spring terms only.
  • The Net Price Calculator calculations are performed off prior award year data.
  • Each student's situation is unique; therefore, there is no way to fully estimate the impact of financial aid for a student within the Net Price Calculator. 

Not all students receive financial aid. During the prior academic year, approximately 70% of our full-time students enrolling for college for the first time received grant/scholarship aid.

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to determine their eligibility for Federal financial aid, including Federal grants, loans or work-study assistance. For more information on applying for Federal student aid, please visit Federal Student Aid.

As you use the calculator, please remember:

  • This is not an application for admission or financial aid.
  • The results will only be as reliable as the data you provide.
  • The net price calculator will only give you an estimate of your net price and aid eligibility. The Office of Student Financial Aid provides your final financial aid award.
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