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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Spring Term Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled in the spring term at the University of North Florida. You must complete a current academic year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be evaluated for spring financial aid.

See the chart below for guidance on which FAFSA to complete.

Please Note: All students who wish to be evaluated for financial aid for the upcoming summer term and the next fall term must complete the next year's FAFSA. The chart below will help you:

Which FAFSA do I Need to Complete?

Receive aid for: FAFSA Required:
Spring 2024 2023-2024
Summer 2024 2023-2024
Fall 2024 2024-2025
Spring 2025 2024-2025
Summer 2025 2024-2025


First-Time-in-College (FTIC)

Freshman first-time-in-college (FTIC) students who will have been admitted for the spring term and who needs financial aid to assist with tuition and fees will have their estimated award posted a few weeks after completing the FAFSA.

Freshmen who are admitted in the spring term and who have a 2023-2024 FAFSA on file will automatically be evaluated for financial aid. If you qualify, your spring financial aid award can be found in myWings.

All email notifications will be sent to the student's UNF email account with instructions on how to view their estimated financial aid award notification.

Transfer and Continuing Students

If you are a transfer student admitted to spring, or a continuing UNF student taking classes in the spring, and you wish to be evaluated for spring financial aid eligibility, you must have a valid current year FAFSA on file at UNF. All email notifications will be sent to the student's UNF email account with instructions on how to view their estimated financial aid award notification.

Spring Financial Aid Eligibility

The amount and type of financial aid you are eligible to receive will depend on the following:

  • Be admitted to UNF as a degree-seeking student.
  • Have a valid 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file.
  • Enrollment hours:
    • Half-time enrollment for undergraduate and graduate students is six (6) credit hours.
  • Students must have a completed financial aid file including the submission of all required documentation and verification, if selected.
  • Students must meet ALL financial aid eligibility requirements.
  • Register for ALL spring classes you plan to take during registration. Please Note: only degree-applicable (required) courses will be counted in your enrollment status for financial aid.
  • Not be on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) suspension.
  • Pell Grant and/or loan eligibility.

Osprey Tips

Visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn the A-B-C's of the Federal financial aid process.
Read the 2023-24 UNF Financial Aid Guide and 2024-25 UNF Financial Aid Guide for important information on all financial aid programs and awarding criteria.
Log in to your myWings to review and accept your award(s), a few weeks after you file your FAFSA.
Complete any financial aid requirements listed in myWings by June 1 for timely fall term grant awarding and disbursement.
Pay or pend your tuition and fees by the payment deadline.
Mark your calendars with the relevant financial aid important dates for the upcoming term.

Spring Cost of Attendance

An estimated cost of attendance (COA) is a guide to help students prepare for the costs at UNF during the academic year. While individual costs may vary, the COA is reflective of a full-time student (15 credit hours for undergraduate students and nine credit hours for graduate students). During the spring term, estimated costs are lower than fall due to the shorter duration of the term. After registration, the tuition and fees as well as books and supplies components of the COA will prorate based on actual attendance.

Please Note: As students register for coursework, the cost of attendance will be updated and students will automatically be reviewed for financial aid eligibility.

Disbursement of Funds

  • UNF will deduct certain amounts owed to the University (i.e. tuition, bookstore authorization, housing, etc.) before issuing eRefunds. You must complete the Financial Aid Authorization form in myWings in order for your financial aid to pay "non-allowable" charges such as parking, library fines, late fees, etc.
  • Students who drop or withdraw to less than six degree-applicable credit hours will no longer be eligible for loans. If you drop or withdraw after your financial aid was disbursed, you may be required to repay the financial aid that was disbursed.
  • Pell Grants will be awarded based on the assumption of full-time enrollment in degree-applicable credit hours. Disbursements will be prorated based on actual hours of enrollment in degree-applicable credit hours.
  • Financial aid awards can only be disbursed to your student account if you meet all eligibility criteria, including, but not limited to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and degree applicability of coursework.
  • If you are placed on SAP suspension after you have been awarded, please be aware your aid will not disburse unless you file a SAP appeal that is approved.
  • If you have pending Pell or loans at another institution, you must cancel those awards at that institution.

Paying Fees

  • Requested loans will be considered "accepted." If you decide to cancel or otherwise alter the amount borrowed, please submit a 2023-2024 Loan Action Request Form to One-Stop Student Services.
  • Tuition and fees will be automatically deferred for students who have been awarded and who have accepted aid by the payment deadline date. You can only defer tuition and fees up to the amount of financial aid you have accepted.
  • If you do not have any estimated financial aid on your UNF bill in myWings by the payment deadline date and do not make payment arrangements with Student Financial Services at (904) 620-2472, you may be administratively dropped from your classes for non-payment.
  • If you no longer wish to attend a course(s) for which you are registered, it is your responsibility to officially drop that course(s) before the add/drop deadline.

Consumer and Safety Information

The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended, requires institutions that receive Title IV funding to provide specific consumer and safety information. For detailed information, please visit the UNF Consumer Information webpage.

What Else do I Need to Know?

  • Spring term financial aid is awarded based on the availability of funds, so don't delay in submitting your FAFSA! Current students will be reviewed for financial aid eligibility upon enrollment in spring coursework. Familiarize yourself with these Important Financial Aid Dates.
  • Eligibility: Your financial aid eligibility is based on your FAFSA results and the number of credit hours in which you enroll each term.
  • Loans: You must be enrolled in a minimum of six degree-applicable credit hours at one institution to receive student loans. If you do not see your student loan in the Financial Aid Tile under Financial Aid Awards, you may access this funding by submitting a Loan Action Request Form.
  • Grants: The UNF Institutional Grant is based on financial need and does not need to be repaid. This grant is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is contingent upon available funding. To be eligible for this grant, students must enroll in a minimum of six degree-applicable credit hours of spring coursework at UNF.
  • Transient/concurrent enrollment: Students must take a minimum of six degree-applicable credit hours at one institution to be eligible for student loans. Students attending in-state public institutions should complete the online Transient Student Admissions Application available on the Florida Shines website. Students attending an out-of-state or Florida private institution must submit a paper UNF Transient/Concurrent Enrollment form, Transient/Consortium Agreement, and a detailed fee slip from the host institution which shows in full your name, course(s) enrolled for the term and balance paid to receive aid at UNF. The Transient/Consortium Agreement does not guarantee straight reimbursement but will ensure that you receive aid for which you are eligible based on total enrollment.
  • It is your responsibility to satisfy all financial aid verification (if selected) and disbursement requirements. Monitor your financial aid requirements in myWings in the Financial Aid tile. If you are selected for financial aid verification, you will not be evaluated for institutional grant eligibility until the verification process has been completed and all financial aid requirements have been satisfied.