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Office of Records and Registration

Records & Registration Forms

Apostille Request:

Students may request notarized copies of transcripts and/or diplomas for the purpose of pursuing an apostille seal. Diplomas are $10 and transcripts are $8. Payment is due at the time the request is submitted. Learn more about Apostille.

Click Here to Download the Apostille Request Form

Diploma Request: 

A duplicate diploma may be requested for $10 per copy.

Click Here to Download the Diploma Request Form

Enrollment Verification: 

Enrollment verification is available online in myWings. Learn more about enrollment verifications. 

FloridaShines Instructions: 

University of North Florida students seeking to enroll in another institution temporarily to transfer credit back to UNF may use this instruction sheet for assistance accessing the FloridaShines Transient Admission Application.

Click Here to Download the FloridaShines Instructions Form

Grade Forgiveness:

Grade forgiveness is available online in myWings. Learn more about grade forgiveness.

Graduation Application:

The graduation application is available online in myWings. If you are unable to complete that application or if you wish to apply after the deadline, please see your academic advisor for assistance.

Personal Information Update: 

Students fill out this form if there is an update to the following information: name, address, telephone, email, emergency contact, corrections of Social Security Number, gender, or date of birth.

Click Here to Download the Personal Information Update Form

Request for Late Registration / Course Transfer: 

Learn more about Late Registration and Course Transfers.
Please Note: Students are responsible for completing and submitting this form to from their official UNF email accounts only. The form must be submitted by the deadline listed on the academic calendar. Please contact with questions or complications.

Click Here to Download the Late Registration / Course Transfer Form

Student Petition of Academic Policy: 

The Student Petition of Academic Policy is now completed online in myWings. All petitions must be accompanied by a statement of extenuating circumstances and documentation supporting the extenuating circumstances. Learn more about Student Petition of Academic Policy.

If your circumstances are of a personal and/or sensitive nature, you may contact the Office of the Student Ombudsman by calling (904) 620-1491 or visiting the Ombudsman's Office in Building 57, Suite 2700. The Faculty Association of the University of North Florida has established that certain academic policies cannot be petitioned. 

Term Forgiveness: 

Term forgiveness requests are initiated through your academic advisor. Learn more about this new online feature and term forgiveness.

Transcript Requests (Online): 

Students may request a transcript online through Parchment using any major credit card. Learn more about transcript ordering.

If you no longer have access to myWings and are unable to use the Login Help feature to reset your password, please click the below button to access Parchment directly. You will need to log in to your existing Parchment account or create a new account.

Click Here to Access the UNF Parchment Storefront