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Office of Records and Registration

Transient Student Registration

Disclaimer: All special student types fall under the posted transfer deadlines for admission. Students must submit their complete application package before the deadline to be considered for admission.

What is a Transient Student?

A student who is already enrolled in one institution and who wishes to temporarily enroll in another institution to transfer credits back to their home institution is referred to as a transient student. Students must obtain approval from an academic advisor in their home institution before pursuing transient enrollment at UNF.

Admissions Process

For students attending a Florida public institution:

  • Complete an electronic application through FloridaShines. If you are a UNF student seeking to temporarily enroll in another institution, download instructions for assistance. Please note that not all Florida public schools participate in the FloridaShines program, so please check the list of schools carefully. Not all schools have the capability to process financial aid requests via FloridaShines, but the functionality will eventually be available. If you are not prompted to answer financial aid questions on the FloridaShines electronic application, you will have to complete the UNF Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.

For students attending a Florida public institution that does not participate in the FloridaShines program:

  • Complete the UNF Application for Undergraduate Students.
  • Obtain a transient student application form from your academic advisor in your home institution, complete it, and submit it to:
    • UNF Admissions Office
      1 UNF Drive
      Jacksonville, FL 32224

For students attending a private or non-Florida public institution:

All transient students must provide the following:

  • A recent, official transcript OR a transient enrollment form from the university registrar at the home institution.
  • A copy of immunization records indicating proof of vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. 

Registration Times

Transient students can only register during Transient Registration day and Late Registration. Transient students do not receive registration appointments. For registration dates, refer to the Academic Calendar.

Selecting Courses

Transient students should not assume that all UNF courses can be applied to the degree program in which they are enrolled in their home institution. Students should obtain the approval of an academic advisor in their home institution for each UNF course they select. Only the academic advisor in the home institution can ensure the courses taken will be applied to a student's degree program.


To determine if a UNF course requires prerequisites, consult the UNF Course Catalog prior to registration. Students who have taken the necessary prerequisites at their home institution must be able to produce an official transcript confirming completion of the prerequisites.  

Registering for Courses

After obtaining a UNF student ID number, register using the myWings portal

Received a Registration Error?

When attempting to register for a transient course, if you encounter a prerequisite or department approval error, please follow these steps to request a registration override: 

  • Log into your myWings account
  • Select the Banner Self Service option in Student Resources
  • Under the Student Services tab, select Online Forms
  • Complete the Registration Override Request

If you have additional questions after submitting the form, you can reach out to the academic college associated with the specific course.

Paying for Classes

Students are not mailed a bill; payment information can be found online in your myWings portal. Deadlines for payment can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Tuition and fees may be paid by check, money order, or credit card and must be paid by the payment deadline. Fees must be paid to:

Student Financial Services
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Credit card payments can be made online in your myWings portal.

Transferring UNF Credits to the Home Institution

Once transient students have completed courses at UNF, they must request a UNF transcript to be sent to their home institution. The home institution WILL NOT transfer UNF credits to the student's record until an official transcript is received. Learn more about ordering a UNF transcript.

Please Note: Students must specify that their transcript request should not be processed until the final semester grades are posted.

Other Questions or Concerns?

You can contact One-Stop Student Services.