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Office of Admissions

Other Student Types

The following are additional student type categories.


Students in this category have already earned a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited institution and desire to complete additional college coursework. UNF refers to post-baccalaureate students as those not admitted to a graduate program.

This can include students wanting to earn a second bachelor's degree, take graduate-level courses not part of a specific program and other types of categories. Please visit our post-baccalaureate webpage for additional information. 

Returning Students

Are you a previous applicant or returning UNF student? In order to be reconsidered for re-admission to UNF, you must fit one of the following scenarios:

  • I applied before, but did not submit all the required materials to receive a decision.
  • I was admitted before, but did not attend classes.
  • I was admitted before, but contacted the Office of Admissions to cancel my admission.
  • I was an enrolled student, but had to take some time off (three or more semesters).

If any of these scenarios fit you, your status with UNF is inactive or your application was canceled.  Your first step is to verify the next available term in which you can apply by reviewing application deadlines. In order to be reconsidered for admission, you will need to submit a new application including a $30 application fee. Contact the Office of Admissions to confirm which documents (transcripts and test scores) are still on file and if there are additional items required to be considered.  You will be held to the admission standards and deadlines for the new term to which you are applying.

If you were an enrolled student and have been absent for fewer than three semesters, you are still considered an "active" student and may be eligible to register for classes. Review your registration status and check your registration holds through your myWings account. Contact One-Stop Student Services with any questions.

UNF Graduates 

If you graduated from UNF and would like to earn a second degree, please review the Post-Baccalaureate or Graduate School webpages for requirements. 

Go to the University's official policy to learn more about enrolling to the University after graduating.


Disclaimer: Although the FloridaShines application is always open, all transient applicants must submit their complete application package by the posted deadlines for admission for the semester to which they are applying.


What is a Transient Student?

A student who is already enrolled in one institution and who wishes to temporarily enroll in another institution to transfer credits back to their home institution is referred to as a transient student. Students must obtain approval from an academic advisor in their home institution before pursuing transient enrollment at UNF.

Students are not sent a bill for tuition. Deadlines for payment may be found on the Academic Calendar.

Admissions Process

For students attending a Florida public institution:

  • Complete an electronic application through FloridaShines. If you are a UNF student seeking to temporarily enroll in another institution, download instructions for assistance. Please note that not all Florida public schools participate in the FloridaShines program, so please check the list of schools carefully. Not all schools have the capability to process financial aid requests via FloridaShines, but the functionality will eventually be available. If you are not prompted to answer financial aid questions on the FloridaShines electronic application, you will have to complete the UNF Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.

For students attending a Florida public institution that does not participate in the FloridaShines program:

UNF Office of Admissions
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

For students attending a private or non-Florida public institution:

All transient students must provide the following:

  • A recent, official transcript OR a transient enrollment form from the university registrar at the home institution.
  • A copy of immunization records indicating proof of vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. 

Registration Times

Transient students can only register during Transient Registration day and Late Registration. Transient students do not receive registration appointments. For registration dates, refer to the Academic Calendar.  

Selecting Courses

Transient students should not assume that all UNF courses can be applied to the degree program in which they are enrolled in their home institution. Students should obtain the approval of an academic advisor in their home institution for each UNF course they select. Only the academic advisor in the home institution can assure that courses taken will be applied to a student's degree program.

Registering for Courses

After obtaining a UNF student ID number, register using the myWings portal.

Received a Registration Error?

When attempting to register for a transient course, if you encounter a prerequisite or department approval error, please follow these steps to request a registration override: 

  • Log into your myWings account
  • Select the Banner Self Service option in Student Resources
  • Under the Student Services tab, select Online Forms
  • Complete the Registration Override Request

If you have additional questions after submitting the form, you can reach out to the academic college associated with the specific course. 

Paying for Classes

Students are not sent a bill for tuition. Deadlines for payment may be found on the Academic Calendar.

Tuition and fees may be paid by check, money order, or credit card and must be paid by the payment deadline. Fees must be paid to:

Student Financial Services
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Credit card payments can only be made through My UNF Bill box in the myWings portal.

Transferring UNF Credits to the Home Institution

Once transient students have completed courses at UNF, they must request a UNF transcript from One-Stop Student Services and have it sent to their home institution. Official transcripts cost $8 each. The home institution WILL NOT transfer UNF credits to the student's record until an official transcript is received. Learn more about ordering a UNF transcript

Please Note: Students must specify that their transcript request should not be processed until final semester grades are posted.

Other Questions or Concerns?

You can contact One-Stop Student Services.

Learning for a Lifetime

The Learning for a Lifetime (LFL) program is designed to promote the increasing desire for knowledge among experienced citizens of our community. The LFL program allows Florida resident senior citizens to audit college-level courses with tuition waived. There are no application fees, course limits or grades in the LFL program.

Learn more about the LFL's admissions process, registration and course selection.

LFL Program


Non-Degree Seeking Students

Disclaimer: Please check the posted deadlines for admission. Students must submit their complete application package before the deadline to be considered for admission.

Non-degree courses can be taken for enrichment, certification or to meet pre-acceptance requirements for entry into a graduate degree program. The Office of Admissions processes all non-degree applications.

Here are the items you will need to submit in order to take courses in a non-degree seeking status:

  • Completed application for admission.
  • Submit the $30 non-refundable application fee.
  • All students, regardless of age, must complete the medical compliance immunization form. All students born after 1956 must also present documented proof of immunity to measles (Rubella), mumps and rubella (German measles) to the Student Health Services Office.
  • Documentation of residency status will be needed for Florida resident tuition rates.

Important information before registration

  • No more than 12 undergraduate semester hours earned as a non-degree student may be transferred to a UNF undergraduate degree program. The transfer of any course(s) to a degree program earned while in a non-degree seeking/special status must be recommended by the dean or designee of the college which administers the program.
  • First-time-in-college freshmen are prohibited from enrolling as non-degree seeking/special students.
  • Students enrolled in a non-degree/special status will register for classes on a space-available basis.
  • Degree-seeking students receive priority registration for courses. Non-degree students are only allowed to register just prior to the start of each term.
  • Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive financial aid.
  • Non-degree/special students wishing to continue at UNF beyond one term must apply as a degree-seeking student. Successful completion of coursework in a non-degree status does not guarantee admission to the University.
  • Certain courses may require permission from the instructor prior to registration. In order to request a registration override:
    • Login to myWings
    • Select the Student Records box
    • Then select Student Forms from the menu
    • Then select the Online Forms, Appeals and Petitions button
    • Under Records and Registration, select Registration Override Request
    • Fill out form and submit

Important information after registration

Payment: Students are not sent a bill for tuition, so you will need to log into myWings to check what you owe. There are a variety of ways to pay your tuition and fees: online, e-check, cash, etc. Learn more about payments and deadlines.

Books: Textbooks and course materials are available at the UNF bookstore

Parking: All students must purchase a parking permit in order to park on campus.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is the enrollment program at the University of North Florida for eligible secondary students and home education students in a university course creditable toward high school and an associate or baccalaureate degree. Students enrolled in university courses that are not creditable towards a high school diploma will not be classified as a dual enrollment student.

View the application deadlines at

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must have successfully completed the 6th grade.
  • Students must have and maintain a 3.0 unweighted high school GPA calculated by the University.
  • Standardized test score minimums (meeting the minimum standards does not guarantee enrollment):
    • rSAT or Digital SAT (March 1, 2016 and later): 490 Reading and Writing, 480 Mathematics
    • ACT: 17 English, 19 Math and 19 Reading  
    • PERT: 114 Math, 106 Reading and 103 Writing
    • SAT (prior to March 1, 2016):  460 Verbal, 460 Math
    • Next Generation ACCUPLACER (through July 2022): 242 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS), 245 Reading, 245 Writing
    • Next Generation ACCUPLACER (since August 2022): 261 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS), 256 Reading, 253 Writing
    • CLT: 38 sum of the Verbal Reasoning and Grammar/Writing, 16 Quantitative Reasoning
  • Students must meet UNF's immunization requirements. Questions can be directed to the Office of Medical Compliance at (904) 620-2175.

Students may lose the opportunity to participate in a dual enrollment course if the student is disruptive to the learning process such that the progress of other students or the efficient administration of the course is hindered.

If the student is projected to graduate from the high school before the scheduled completion date of a UNF course, the student may not register for that course through dual enrollment.

About Dual Enrollment

  • Dual enrollment students are exempt from payment of registration, tuition and laboratory fees.
  • Applied academics for adult education instruction, developmental education and other forms of pre-collegiate instructions, as well as physical education courses that focus on the physical execution of a skill rather than the intellectual attributes of the activity are ineligible for inclusion in the dual enrollment program. Recreation and leisure studies courses shall be evaluated individually in the same manner as physical education courses for potential inclusion in the program.
  • Instructional materials are not provided by UNF.
  • Dual enrollment students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of six credit hours per semester.
  • Dual enrollment students are permitted to register for fall and spring terms only. UNF is not currently accepting dual enrollment students for the summer terms.
  • Dual enrollment applications are valid on a semester-to-semester basis. Students must reapply for dual enrollment every semester.
  • Dual enrollment students are subject to the University of North Florida's policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Dual enrollment applicants must satisfy all prerequisites or co-requisites prior to enrolling in courses with the requirements. Refer to the UNF Undergraduate Catalog for complete course descriptions and prerequisite and co-requisite information.
  • Secondary schools or home education programs may not offer courses which combine students enrolled in the college course with students who are only receiving high school credit. Students must be admitted and enrolled in the dual enrollment program in order to receive college credit upon successful completion of the course.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from classes.


Public School Dual

Public school students participating in the University of North Florida Enrollment Program are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures set forth by the Florida Department of Education, their district school board, and the University of North Florida. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Office of Admissions.

*The University of North Florida is currently in a dual enrollment articulation agreement with the following school district(s):

Saint Johns County School District

Public School Dual Enrollment Application

Instructional materials for assigned use within dual enrollment courses shall be made available to dual enrollment students from Florida public high schools, free of charge.

Instructional materials purchased by a district school board or the Florida College System institution board of trustees on behalf of dual enrollment students shall be the property of the board against which the purchase is charged.

Payment Responsibilities:

  • UNF Osprey 1Card
  • UNF parking pass
  • Late registration fees, parking fines or library fines incurred by the student
  • Any other costs or fees associated with the student's enrollment at UNF

Home Education Dual

Home education students participating in the University of North Florida Dual Enrollment Program are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures set forth by the Florida Department of Education and the University of North Florida. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Office of Admissions.

Provide proof of enrollment in a home education program pursuant to Florida Statute 1002.41.

Home Education Dual Enrollment Application


Provide a home education transcript that includes the following:

  • Student's full name
  • Student's date of birth
  • Student's gender
  • Student's UNF ID
  • Student's address (street, city, state, zip code)
  • Parent/Guardian's full name
  • Student's secondary coursework (must include courses, course equivalency, letter grade, units)
  • Coursework must include course start and finish dates
  • Student's expected graduation date

Payment Responsibilities:

  • Instructional materials (textbooks, software, calculator, etc.)
  • UNF Osprey 1Card
  • UNF parking pass
  • Late registration fees, parking fines or library fines incurred by the student
  • Any other costs or fees associated with the student's enrollment at UNF