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Reduced Tuition

The University of North Florida offers tuition waivers for out-of-state students who meet certain criteria. In many cases, your UNF tuition can end up being lower than your home state’s tuition!


For the merit-based waivers, compare your home state’s average in-state tuition and fees,* with UNF’s average tuition and fees with one of the waivers. Select your state in one of the drop-downs and a UNF waiver option in the other drop-down.


*Displayed amounts are 2023-24 tuition and fees for 30 credit hours per academic year, based on College Board data.

See the tuition webpage for complete details regarding tuition and fees. You can also view additional information about cost of attendance. The average UNF non-Florida resident tuition and fees are $20,793 for 30 credit hours per academic year, without a waiver

Non-Resident Merit-Based Waivers

Effective Summer 2024

First-Time-in-College/Freshman Applicants

The summer/fall 2024 deadline to be considered for these scholarships has passed. Summer/fall 2025 award criteria and amounts will be available July 1, 2024.

Compare Items

Select items from the dropdown lists above to compare.

Compare Items

Select items from the dropdown lists above to compare.

Freshman Tuition Waivers

Estimated Value
(yearly; 30 credits)

First Coast*   $13,718 3.9 1300 28 92
Atlantic** $10,000 3.7 1230 26 86
Sunshine** $6,000 3.5 1160 24 79
Latin American and Caribbean Freshman*** $1,000 3.4 1130 23 75


*First Coast award waives 100% of the out-of-state portion of tuition

** Atlantic and Sunshine awards waive a partial amount of the out-of-state portion of tuition

*** Latin American and Caribbean award is a $1,000 scholarship ($500 per Fall/Spring semester)

Undergraduate Transfer Applicants

Compare Items

Select items from the dropdown lists above to compare.

Compare Items

Select items from the dropdown lists above to compare.

Transfer Tuition Waivers

Transfer Level
(Credit Hours)

High school GPA

Award Amount

Transfer GPA

Award Amount

Transfer GPA 

Award Amount

Transfer GPA 

Lower level

3.0 3.2 3.5 3.8


N/A 3.2 3.5 3.8

Upper level

N/A 3.2 3.5 3.8
  • Covers up to 30 credit hours per year (prorated based on credit hours)
  • Partial waiver; applied only to the out-of-state tuition portion
  • Qualifying transfer GPA based on transferable credit hours

Undergraduate International Transfer Applicants


Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship award criteria

Estimated Value
(Based on 30 credits)

Latin American and Caribbean Transfer* $1,000 3.4 (transfer) N/A N/A N/A


*Students who receive the LAC scholarship will be be classified to receive in-state tuition in addition to the $1,000 yearly scholarship (visit our LAC Scholarship FAQ webpage for more information). The LAC scholarship requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credits each year and a 3.0 GPA for renewal.

Strategic Emphasis Waiver

Students in select programs have the opportunity to take two 3000 or 4000-level courses for the tuition cost of just one course (buy one, get one). Students may be eligible for the Strategic Emphasis Waiver based on the following criteria:

  • Earn at least 60 credit hours towards a first bachelor's degree within two academic years after initial enrollment at a Florida public postsecondary institution
  • Courses taken must be requirements to complete the bachelor's degree
  • Florida resident for tuition purposes
  • Tuition and fees are not being covered/waived by any other statutory waiver
  • Must be enrolled in one of the eligible programs: Accounting, Business Intelligence, Civil Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences (Data Science concentration only), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Elementary Education, Finance, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Special Education

If you are admitted to UNF and think you may be eligible for this waiver, please email for next steps.

Grandparent Waiver

Eligible students with grandparents residing in Florida may be eligible for a tuition and fee waiver for out-of-state costs up to 110% of total degree hours.

Freshman applicants may request a waiver application after submitting an application for admission. Students who qualify for Florida residency should not seek this waiver. Please see the Grandparent Waiver document, as well as the Student Financial Services waivers webpage, for more information.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Classified as a non-Florida resident
  • Admitted as an undergraduate, full-time student
  • Minimum test scores of 1340 SAT, 29 ACT or 96 CLT

Only a limited number of waivers are available, and they are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Eligible applicants may request a waiver by completing the form below after submitting an application for admission.


Grandparent Waiver Form

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Real-World Experience

Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom. It happens in a lab. It happens while working on a community project. It happens during an internship or while doing research in the field. By the time our seniors graduate, 85% of them have taken part in real-world experiences designed to prepare them for success.
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Launch Your Career

Jacksonville, Florida is a major metropolitan area, home to employers looking to hire UNF grads. In fact, UNF tops the state universities when it comes to graduates employed in Florida. UNF alumni are leading the way in Florida, and have also launched their careers all over the country and around the world.
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Student Life

With an enrollment of close to 17,000, UNF offers you a great campus experience. NCAA Division I athletics, over 150 student clubs, Greek life, award-winning facilities and intramural sports all add to our vibrant student life. With a focus on student success and well-being, UNF is a great place to call home.
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