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Office of Admissions

Osprey Global Launch

Want to begin your college journey in a unique and exciting way?


Start off by studying abroad with Osprey Global Launch, an invitation-only opportunity! You'll spend the fall term earning academic credit in another country and will then continue your education at the University of North Florida in spring. UNF has partnered with Verto Education to offer you this experience.

Why participate in Osprey Global Launch?

Travel internationally

There are numerous countries to choose from, including Argentina, Czech Republic, England, Italy and Spain! You won't just be in the classroom either because the program includes expeditions, hands-on projects and cultural immersion experiences.

Be part of a community

You'll make lifelong friends because of a tight community with other students!

Learn life skills

Some important life skills you'll learn from Osprey Global Launch are financial literacy, career planning, mindfulness and global citizenship!

Discover yourself

The first year of college is a great time to explore your possibilities. With Osprey Global Launch, you will be discovering who you are right from the start in a distinctive way!

The Osprey Global Launch Journey: What to Expect

Accept your invitation for Osprey Global Launch.
Schedule a call with the Verto Admissions Team to learn about program locations.
Submit your Verto enrollment deposit and start packing!
Study abroad in fall and earn transferable credits.
Continue your education at UNF in spring!

Admitted to UNF for spring?

Complete Osprey Global Launch in fall before starting on campus!


Didn't get admitted to UNF?

Complete Osprey Global Launch in fall and you'll be admitted for spring!


Osprey Global Launch FAQs