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Office of Admissions

Osprey First Summer Pathway Program


Osprey First is an exciting program designed to jumpstart your UNF academic career!


What is Osprey First?

Osprey First is a summer pathway program that takes place on campus during our 2023 Summer B term (June 26 – August 4, 2023) and eases the transition from high school to college. Osprey First students engage in fun, academically enriching activities while completing coursework designed specifically for the program. 

How do I benefit from Osprey First? 

Osprey First has been created with student success in mind! Below are just a few ways participants benefit from the program:

  • An assigned academic advisor to help you choose classes and stay on track to graduate on time
  • A UNF peer mentor who will show you all the ins and outs of being a UNF Osprey 
  • Guaranteed on-campus housing for the Summer B term if you want to live on campus (contract required)
  • Coursework designed specifically for Osprey First that counts toward general education requirements for all majors
  •  Fun enrichment activities outside of the classroom
  • A one-time $500 grant for your Fall classes after you successfully complete the program 

What are my next steps?

After you receive an offer to join the Osprey First Summer Pathway Program, you must complete the reply form to accept the offer and then secure your spot by registering for New Student Orientation.

Applying for 2024?

Check back in August 2023 for updated information regarding the 2024 Osprey First Summer Pathway Program. 

  • How are students admitted into Osprey First?

    Currently, there are two ways to be admitted into Osprey First:

    • When students apply for our Summer or Fall term, and whose GPA/test score combination meets the criteria for an alternate admission path, they will be automatically admitted into the Osprey First Program. 
    • Students who have already been admitted to an upcoming term may be invited to join the Osprey First Program. 
  • Can I decline the Osprey First Summer Pathway acceptance and still be admitted to UNF?

    If you applied to a standard Summer or Fall term, but are only offered admission into the Osprey First Program, you must participate or your admission will be canceled. Students are admitted to the Osprey First Program because we believe it is the best path to student success.

    Students who do not want to participate are welcome to reapply for a future term as transfer students or can submit updated ACT/SAT scores and grades for reevaluation. 

  • Are there conditions to participating in Osprey First?

    Students must successfully complete the program to be able to increase their enrollment to full-time for the Fall semester. Successful completion means:

    • Passing all Osprey First courses (6 credit hours) with a C or better
    • Participation in enrichment activities, as required


    Don't forget that successful completion also means you'll earn a $500 grant for your Fall semester!

  • Do I have to live on-campus during Osprey First?
    Although living on campus is not required, it is strongly recommended. Students who choose to live on campus will be guaranteed a housing contract for the Summer B session. 
  • What if I have already earned college credits through Dual Enrollment, AP, IB and/or AICE?

    If you have already earned college credit through dual enrollment, AP, IB or AICE, you can still participate in Osprey First.  In fact, Osprey First was designed to be flexible so students like you can maximize the benefits of the program to fit your educational goals.

    Students in the Summer Pathway Program will have up to 22 different course blocks to pick from when registering. These blocks will include combinations of general education requirements in English, math, social sciences and the humanities.

    During New Student Orientation, your academic advisor will take everything into account, including your areas of strength, course credit being brought in from accelerated mechanisms, and your career goals. They will then help you register for the appropriate course block. 

  • Can I complete the Osprey First program solely online?

    Due to the comprehensive nature of the program, both inside and outside of the classroom, Osprey First participants will complete their coursework in-person and on-campus.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

    You can contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions about your admission into Osprey First. 

    Phone: (904) 620-1111

Secure your Spot

Confirm your seat in the Osprey First Summer Pathway program by signing up for New Student Orientation.

Learn more about orientation and register below.

New Student Orientation

Space is limited.

Eligible Summer 2023 New Student Orientation Dates

New Student Orientation Dates
May 18 - 19
May 23 - 24
May 30 - 31 June 13 - 14
June 15 - 16 June 21 - 22


Select an orientation session that is no later than June 21-22.