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Office of Admissions


Students in this category have already earned a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited institution and desire to complete additional college coursework. UNF refers to post-baccalaureate students as those not admitted to a graduate program. At a minimum, students must submit the application materials below before the admission deadline for the term in which they would like to enroll.

Please note that UNF's admission is term-specific, meaning that you must enroll in your initial classes for the term you are admitted.

  • Admission application (see details below for which application to submit)
  • $30 application fee (required for any admission application, at time of submission)
  • Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended, including military and dual enrollment transcripts
  • Official transcripts from any credit-earning mechanism (Credit-earning mechanisms include, but are not limited to IB, AP, AICE, CLEP or DANTES.)

All transcripts must be official, arriving at the Office of Admissions directly from the originating school or testing agency. Unofficial documents will not be accepted.

The following are the four options. Applications for these student types are considered on a space-available basis. 

Graduate-level courses

This status is reserved for students who have an earned baccalaureate degree and who wish to take graduate-level coursework but who are not admitted into a degree-seeking graduate program. Permission from the Graduate Program Director in the appropriate area is required. Students in this status are not eligible for financial aid. Additional information is available on the Graduate School webpage.

Second bachelor's degree

In this status, post-baccalaureate students may register for courses leading to another bachelor's degree. Students in this status may apply for financial aid. A current list of bachelor's degree programs offered at UNF can be viewed in the undergraduate catalog. Students applying to a Specialized or Selective Admission Program may have additional requirements.


In this status, post-baccalaureate students may register for select undergraduate-level courses but are not affiliated with a degree-seeking program. These courses are generally intended for personal interest and not taken in the pursuit of formalized educational goals or may serve as prerequisites for consideration of admission to a graduate program. Students in this status are not eligible for financial aid.

Certificate program

In this status, post-baccalaureate students may register for classes leading to a specific certificate or other non-degree credentials. Students in this status are not eligible for financial aid, except for those students pursuing their initial professional teacher certification in Florida through the Teacher Certification Only (TCO) program. A list of graduate certificate programs and additional requirements can be viewed on the Graduate School webpage.