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Office of Records and Registration

Registration Waitlists

During registration, most departments offer waitlists for classes that fill to capacity. If the class you wish to register for is currently filled, you will have the option of signing up on a waitlist for that section. This feature tells you how many people have already signed up on the waitlist. If the class becomes open and you are the next name on the waitlist, you will automatically be registered for the course. Please note that you may not move into a class from the waitlist if registration in that section would cause you to exceed max hours, if you are already registered in another section of the class, or if you have a hold.

  • You will be permitted to register yourself on a waitlist until the end of the third day of add/drop.
  • Although you will receive an email notification indicating when you have been moved into the course from the waitlist, it is important to make sure you are monitoring your schedule during registration.
  • You can be placed into a class through the last day of add/drop.
  • If you register on a waitlist and subsequently do not want to be placed in that class, YOU MUST DROP by the add/drop deadline or you will be fee liable for the class if you have been placed in it.
  • Do not pay for any classes in which you are waitlisted. You are only fee liable for the class(es) in which you are registered.