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Office of Records and Registration

FERPA for Faculty – DOs and DON’Ts

  1. DO post grades using codes known only to the instructor and student, such as a 4 digit number.
  2. DO post grades in a random order so that students are unable to identify other students’ grades.
  3. DO return papers personally to the student by either handing them back in class or asking students to see you during office hours.
  4. DO forward such requests to Enrollment Services for review and response.
  5. DO lock your computer using a password-protected screen saver before stepping away from your desk.
  6. DO refer parent requests to Enrollment Services for review and response.
  7. DO keep all grade information confidential by only discussing it with the student.
  8. DO communicate directly with the student to ensure confidentiality. If an electronic means of notification is necessary, use the Blackboard grading tools.
  9. DO ensure that no confidential student information appears on a circulated roster by listing the student names only.
  1. DON’T post grades using student N numbers, SSNs, or anything else that can identify the student.
  2. DON’T post grade lists in alphabetical order.
  3. DON’T leave papers or exams outside your office door or anywhere else where the student must look through the stack for his/her own work.
  4. DON’T provide anyone with a list of students enrolled in your classes for commercial purpose.
  5. DON’T leave your computer unattended while signed on.
  6. DON’T give out any student information to parents.
  7. DON’T discuss students’ grades in class, such as identifying who received an A on the last test.
  8. DON’T notify students of grades via email.
  9. DON’T circulate attendance rosters with student N numbers, SSNs, or grades.