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Office of Records and Registration

Academic Activity Instructions for Faculty

For details about what academic activity is and what is considered an academic activity, please review our Academic Activity webpage. The below information only outlines instructions for processing academic activity.

Please use the below instructions in the second week of the semester to indicate whether students have completed an academic activity in all your course sections. It is important to be exacting in your tracking since any student who is not marked as having completed an activity will not receive aid funding for that course. For records to be captured in time for Financial Aid First Pay, you should record every student with a Y or N before the beginning of the third week of coursework for the part of term.

If you must record a student in the third week of academic coursework or later, please be aware that the system will be unavailable on occasion while aid packages are disbursed to student accounts.

There is a way to record all the Y activities for a section at once. Please completely read step 4 to save time.

Important Notes

  • All N selections will continue to show in the drop-down button until the deadline.
  • N selections may be changed from N to Y until the deadline. Y selections may not be changed once submitted.
  • If all selections are Y, then no buttons are displayed.

If you incorrectly report a student as Y, you must contact and provide the course information, student name, and N number. The Office of Records and Registration can only remove incorrectly reported Y-yes records. They cannot change Y-yes to N-no. Once the incorrectly reported record has been removed, you must go back in and report as N-no.

Students who late register, course transfer, and/or reinstate will need to have their academic activity tracked. Therefore, in some cases, an instructor who has already completed academic activity tracking for their course(s) will need to go back into the screen to complete tracking for the students who have had changes to their registration since the instructor first completed the process.

Step 1

  • Log in to myWings
  • Select Faculty under the left "My Resources" Menu
    • If you are on a mobile device, select the Faculty tile
  • Select the Banner Self Service button

If you have any issues logging in to your myWings account, please reach out to the UNF Help Desk for assistance.

Step 2

In Banner Self Service, select the Academic Activity link under the "Faculty Services" menu tab.

Step 3

Select the correct Term, Part of Term and Course from the drop-down options. Then click Select.

The academic activity screen is shown. The fields: term, part of term, and course are highlighted yellow. The select button is also highlighted yellow.

Step 4

Use the drop-down fields to select Y (Yes) or N (No) for each student in the class.

Please Note: Faculty may choose to only indicate students who did not participate by selecting N and then selecting Continue to populate all the Y students at once. If all students in a section should be marked as Y, leave all fields blank and select Continue. All blank fields will now read as Y selections.

After pressing select, a list of students is shown. Each student has a drop-down field of Y or N next to them.

Step 5

Scroll to the bottom and click Continue.

The continue button underneath the list of students is highlighted in yellow.

Step 6

After clicking Continue, a warning message will appear at the top of the page stating “The selections have not been saved. Select the Verify and Submit button to save.” Once the selections have been reviewed, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Verify and Submit.

The warning message reads, "The selections have not been saved. Select the Verify and Submit button to save."

The verify and submit button under the list of students is highlighted in yellow.

Syllabus Language

Faculty have the pedagogical freedom to plan HEA approved academic activity or several activities to be outlined on their syllabus by the second week of courses. Please refer to the HEA Approved Academic Activity table at the top of the page for guidance.

The faculty member has the option to add the following sort of language to the syllabus:

  • "You must be in attendance or have a faculty approved absence for his assignment. An unexcused absence from this assignment could impact your ability to receive institutional or federal aid."
  • You must be participating online or have a faculty approved absence for this activity. An unexcused absence from this assignment could impact your ability to receive institutional or federal aid."
  • Submission of this quiz by the due date is critical. Failure to meet the deadline could impact your ability to receive institutional or federal aid."

During the second week of classes, the faculty should log into myWings self-service, navigate to the Faculty tab, and record whether or not each student completed the approved academic assignment in the second week. They must be done prior to the start of the third week of classes. Please see the above instructions for more detail.

In the instance a student has an approved absence, the faculty member can assign a difference HEA approved activity for which to record the student.

Faculty will receive email correspondence for any remaining or new students who have yet to be records or need to be recorded again.

Questions or complications? Please contact the Office of Records and Registration at