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Office of Records and Registration

NG Grade

What is an NG Grade?

Effective Summer B 2023, a grade of NG will be assigned to a maximum of four (4) lower-level UNF final course grades of F or D. The NG grade allows students to recover more easily from difficulties they may face as they adjust to the rigors of university level academic learning. The NG grade shows on UNF transcripts and will have a positive impact on UNF GPA. The originally assigned grade(s) will impact academic standing, Latin Honors, and financial aid calculations.

Other Criteria and Limitations of an NG Grade

  • Grades of NG cannot be applied to coursework taken prior to summer 2023; for summer 2023, NG grades are only applicable to courses taken during the summer B session (second half).
  • A grade of NG cannot be assigned by an instructor.
  • Grades of NG are limited to credit-bearing, lower-level (1000-level and 2000-level) courses a student registers for in either standard letter or pass/fail grade mode (i.e. zero credit courses and courses taken in audit grade mode are excluded).
  • NG grades will be assigned to eligible courses according to the following hierarchy:
    1. Highest credit hour value course
    2. Grade of "F" before grade of "D"
    3. 2000-level before 1000-level
    4. If all things are equal, a course carrying a General Education attribute before a course without
  • Students may submit a Student Petition of Academic Policy (SPAP) to keep an originally assigned final course grade of D, however, doing so will not result in additional NG grade eligibility. This petition must be submitted before the last day of the student's graduating term.
  • An NG grade cannot replace a grade of FA - Unforgivable F.
  • Instructors cannot change a grade to or from an NG grade. Please see the Change of Grade Processing for Faculty & Chairs webpage for instructions on how to request assistance with NG grade changes or contact with questions.
  • Lower-level course grades assigned as I-Incomplete in the fall 2022 term and later will be eligible for NG grades if they convert to a D or F after summer 2023, provided the student has remaining NG grade eligibility at the time of conversion.
  • All original grades and hours will be used in Latin Honors calculations.
  • A grade of NG may be used to forgive a prior grade, however, a grade of NG cannot be forgiven.
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