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2024-2025 University Catalog
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College of Arts and Sciences Overview

Location: Building 51, Room 3301
Phone: (904) 620-2560
Web Address:

Dean's Office

Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Dean
Lev Gasparov, Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement
Natasha Christie, Associate Dean for Student Learning
Kate Ryan, Associate Director for Strategic Communications and Engagement
Elizabeth Clements, Scheduling Coordinator
Chellie Jones-Harris, Administrative Assistant for Staff and Budget Support
Anne-Marie Campbell, Director of Developments
Jenna DuPilka, Assistant Director of Development


The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida distinguishes itself through its commitment to the success of students, faculty, and staff. We foster a diverse environment centered on critical thinking and creative discovery for the benefit of the individual and the advancement of society. Building on a commitment to academic freedom, humility, humanity, and integrity, our high-quality educational programs, research, and creative activities lead to national and international recognition.

Undergraduate Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is the bedrock of the University of North Florida just as the liberal arts curriculum is at the very center of the University's mission. What students acquire through their engagement with the liberal arts is a sense of their place within the universe, whether that universe is defined in physical, social, moral, or aesthetic terms. It is for this reason that general education, provided largely by the College of Arts and Sciences, is the foundation for all further University study. It is why premier graduate and professional schools continue to give admissions preference to students who choose to major in one of the liberal arts even if they intend to pursue advanced study in a technical or professional field.

The curriculum of the College of Arts and Science is rich and deep. In the complex world of the 21st century, a grounding in the liberal arts is more urgent than ever as we encounter, at an ever-faster pace, challenges to our experience and understanding that we could not have anticipated a short while ago.

Graduate Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences has ten graduate programs among its educational offerings. Master's degrees are offered in Biology, Criminal Justice, English, History, Materials Sciences and Engineering in collaboration with the College of Computing, Construction and Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, Music, Public Administration, Psychology, and Social Work (two degrees are offered in Biology). Given the mission of the University, many of these degrees are focused on the applied and practical. They are constructed to serve graduate students who seek to attain the advanced education necessary for securing high-quality employment or advancement. Many of our graduates occupy positions of leadership within the City of Jacksonville, regional industry, and UNF itself. Students seeking master's degrees at UNF have also been very successful when they subsequently choose to pursue doctoral programs at other institutions. The College of Arts and Sciences has some of the most venerable and well-established graduate programs in the University, and we take great pride in helping our graduate students meet their personal and professional aspirations.