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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Reclassification of Residency Status

In the determination of residency reclassification requests, it is the policy of the University of North Florida to follow laws of the state of Florida, as well as regulations and policy guidelines established by the Florida Board of Governors. The policy on residency reclassification for tuition purposes as adopted by UNF is subject to Florida Statute 1009.21 and the Florida Board of Governors Resolution.

Students must submit proper documentation before being reclassified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. All requests for change of residency from undergraduate students with supporting documentation should be submitted to One-Stop Student Services within the deadline period noted in the Academic Calendar. All requests for change of residency from graduate students, along with supporting documentation, should be submitted to The Graduate School before the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar. Requests will be reviewed and approved if documentation meets state of Florida residency reclassification requirements. If the reclassification request is denied, the student may file an Enrollment Services Appeal, via myWings, for review by the Residency Appeals Committee. Students must provide copies of all documentation with their appeals. Students will be notified by email to their UNF myWings email account of the final reclassification decision.

For the most current, comprehensive guideline to residency documentation requirements and regulations, visit the "Residency Guidelines" section at For information regarding the procedures by which the documents are processed at the University of North Florida, please visit our residency reclassification website.