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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Special Fees, Fines and Penalties

The University of North Florida Board of Trustees must authorize all fees assessed, unless specifically delegated herein to the President. For purposes of clarification, the term "at cost" or "cost" includes those increased costs that are directly related to the delivery of the goods or services.

  1. Audit Registration Fees - Audit registration assures a course space for the student; however, no grade is awarded. This fee is the same as the resident tuition provided in Regulation 11.0010R, except for developmentally disabled students enrolled in the University's On-Campus Transition Program. The audit registration fee for students enrolled in this program is $0.00 per credit hour.
  2. Registration of Zero Hours - Such registration provides for examinations, graduations, use of facilities, etc., when deemed appropriate by the University. A student will not be assessed resident tuition.
  3. Application Fee - Individuals who apply for admission to the University of North Florida shall pay a non-refundable Application Fee of $30.00 for applications. This fee will be waived for applicants who can document that they have received a fee waiver due to economic need as determined by the College Board or the American College Testing Program.
  4. Continuing Education Course Fees - Any fees charged to students for continuing education credit activities that are higher than the normally approved fees for similar credit activities offered in the regular on-campus program, shall be established solely for the purpose of recovering all increased costs which result from offering these courses as continuing education activities.
  5. Late Registration Fee - The University will assess a late registration fee of $100.00 against students who fail to initiate registration during the regular registration period.
  6. Late Payment Fee - The University will assess a late payment fee of $100.00 to students who fail to pay or who fail to make appropriate arrangements for payment (by means of installment payment, deferment or third-party billing), by tuition deadlines set by the University.
  7. Service Charge - The University will assess a service charge totaling $15.00 for the payment of tuition in installments.
  8. Library Fines - $0.25 per book or unit, per day, up to $5.00 maximum.
  9. Overdue Reserve Library Books - $1.00 per book or unit item, per hour, up to $5.00 maximum.
  10. Overdue Recalled Library Items - $1.00 per book or unit, per day, in addition to any other fines or penalties, up to $5.00 maximum.
  11. Overdue ILL Items - $1.00 per book or unit, per day, up to $5.00 maximum.
  12. Late Equipment Fee - $0.25 per item, per day.
  13. Security/Access/Identification Card; Duplicate: (a) Annual $ 10.00; and (b) Duplicates $15.00.
  14. Duplicating/Photocopying Fee (personal use only) - cost.
  15. Standardized Tests - The fee for all standardized tests (GRE, URE, etc.,) will consist of the costs of administering the tests.
  16. Binding Fee - (Thesis and Dissertation) - cost.
  17. Microfilm Fee (Thesis and Dissertation) - cost.
  18. Copyright Fee (Dissertation) - cost.
  19. All breakage and lost library materials - cost.
  20. Lost Keys/Cylinder change - cost.
  21. Equipment Damage and Loss - cost.
  22. Interlibrary Loans/Literature Searches - cost.
  23. Facilities/Equipment Use Charge - cost.
  24. Orientation Fee - Freshmen $35.00 and an additional $125.00 associated program cost; Transfer Students $35.00 and a $15.00 associated program cost.
  25. Transcript Fee - Per item $8.00. (On-demand, per item $10.00)
  26. Diploma Replacement Fee - Per item $10.00.
  27. Off-Campus Educational Activities - The University will assess fees for off-campus course offerings when the location results in specific, identifiable increased costs to the University. These fees will be in addition to the regular student credit hour fees charged to students enrolling in these same courses on-campus. The additional fees charged are for the purpose of recovering the increased costs resulting from off-campus offerings.
  28. Material and Supply Fees - The University will assess material and supply fees not to exceed the amount necessary to offset the cost of materials or supply items which are consumed in the course of the student's instructional activities, excluding the cost of equipment, equipment repairs and maintenance.
  29. Distance Learning Fee - The University will assess a per-credit hour distance learning fee to cover the additional costs of the provided services attributable to the development and delivery of the distance learning course.
  30. Miscellaneous Health Fees - The University will assess fees for miscellaneous health-related services provided at cost by the UNF Student Health Center which are not covered by the health fee set forth under Regulation 11.0010R.
  31. Credit Card Convenience Fee - The University will charge a convenience fee of 2.85% (4.25% for international credit cards) of the transaction amount for the use of credit cards for web-originated financial transactions.
  32. Housing Rental Rates and Supplemental Charges - Basic rates for housing rental and supplemental charges are set by the University of North Florida Board of Trustees. Current housing rental rates and supplementary housing charges are available for viewing at Housing's website or on the Housing Room Rates Sheets distributed by Housing Operations.
  33. Returned Check Fee - The University will assess a service charge as authorized by Section 832.07(1), F.S., for unpaid checks returned to the University.
  34. Collection Costs - The University will assess a charge representing the reasonable fee of collection efforts to effect payment for overdue accounts. Collection fees will be assessed to the student for collection of debts owed to the University that are not secured by a promissory note or contract.
  35. Education Research Center for Child Development Fee - Pursuant to Section 1011.48, F.S., the University of North Florida Preschool will charge fees for the care and services it provides. Such fees may be imposed on a sliding scale based on the ability to pay or any other factors deemed relevant. A current fee schedule is available on the Center's website.

View the University's official policy on special fees, fines and penalties as they relate to tuition and fees.