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2023-2024 University Catalog
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College-Level Communication and Computation Skills (Gordon Rule)

College-Level Communications and Computation Skills (Gordon Rule) State Rule 6A-10.030, applies to students who enroll in a Florida postsecondary institution, college or university after October 1982.

The communications component of the rule requires students to complete "six credit hours of English coursework and six credit hours of additional coursework in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments." Native UNF students completing the General Education program will meet this requirement through the completion of nine credit hours in English coursework, three credit hours in freshman core, and three credit hours in philosophy in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills. UNF will accept as Gordon Rule courses those designated as Gordon writing from other Florida SUS and community college institutions. Course syllabi may be required to evaluate whether a course transferred from a private and/or out-of-state institution complies with the "college-level writing skills through multiple assignments" criteria.

The computation component requires that students must complete six credit hours in mathematics course work at the level of college algebra or higher. Only one course may be selected from Elementary Statistics or Symbolic Logic.

All communications and computation skills courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher. Completion of the Associate in Arts degree at a state university or Florida public community college will satisfy these requirements.

A list of University of North Florida courses which meet the Gordon Rule communications and computation requirements is provided below.

Communication Gordon Rule Courses

*These courses fulfill the English portion of the Gordon Rule requirement. All other courses fulfill the additional Gordon Rule writing requirement.

Course Number Course Title
AMH 3554 (GW) Law and Social Resp.
AML 3621 (GW) Black American Literature
*CRW 2000 (GW) Introduction to Creative Writing
*CRW 2100 (GW) Introduction to Fiction Writing
*CRW 2201 (GW) Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction
*CRW 2300 (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing
*CRW 2400 (GW) Introduction to Playwriting
*CRW 2600 (GW) Introduction to Screenwriting
*CRW 2930 (GW) Special Topics in Creative Writing
CRW 3110 (GW) Fiction Workshop
CRW 3211 (GW) Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
CRW 3310 (GW) Poetry Workshop
CRW 3610 (GW) Screenwriting Workshop
*ENC 1101 (GW) College Writing
ENC 1102 (GW) The Informed Writer
ENC 1143 (GW) Introduction to Rhetoric and Narrative
*ENC 2210 (GW) Technical Writing
*ENC 2441 (GW) Writing Topics: Fine Arts
*ENC 2442 (GW) Writing Topics: Humanities
*ENC 2443 (GW) Writing Topics: Literature
*ENC 2450 (GW) Writing Topics: Natural Science
*ENC 2451 (GW) Writing Topics: Health
*ENC 2460 (GW) Writing Topics: Business
*ENC 2461 (GW) Writing Topics: Social Science
*ENC 2462 (GW) Writing Topics: Education
*ENC 2463 (GW) Writing Topics: Engineering
*ENC 2930 (GW) Special Topics in Composition
ENC 3202 (GW) Professional Communication for Business
ENC 3246 (GW) Professional Communication for Engineering
*ENC 3250 (GW) Professional Communications
ENC 3310 (GW) Writing Prose
HIS 3051 (GW) The Craft of the Historian
MUL 2010 (GW) Music Literature
PHI 2010 (GW) Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2100 (GW) Reasoning and Critical Thinking
PHI 2630 (GW) Contemporary Ethical Issue
WOH 1012 (GW) World History I
WOH 1022 (GW) World History II
Gordon Rule Courses

Computation (Math) Gordon Rule Courses

Only one course may be selected from Elementary Statistics or Symbolic Logic. At least one course must have a mathematics prefix of MAA, MAC, MAD, MAS, MGF, MHF or MTG.

Course Number Course Title
MAA 4200 G(M) Mathematical Analysis
MAA 4211 G(M) Advanced Calculus I
MAA 4212 G(M) Advanced Calculus II
MAA 4402 G(M) Complex Analysis
MAC 1101 G(M) Intensive College Algebra
MAC 1105 G(M) College Algebra
MAC 1114 G(M) Trigonometry
MAC 1147 G(M) Precalculus
MAC 2233 G(M) Calculus for Business
MAC 2311 G(M) Calculus I
MAC 2312 G(M) Calculus II
MAC 2313 G(M) Calculus III
MAC 2241 G(M) Calculus for Biology
MAD 3107 G(M) Discrete Mathematics
MAD 4401 G(M) Numerical Analysis
MAP 2302 G(M) Ordinary Differential Equations
MAP 4231 G(M) Operations Research
MAP 4341 G(M) Elementary Partial Differential Equations
MAS 3105 G(M) Linear Algebra
MAS 3203 G(M) Number Theory
MAS 4156 G(M) Vector Analysis
MAS 4301 G(M) Abstract Algebra I
MGF 1106 G(M) Finite Mathematics
MGF 1107 G(M) Explorations in Mathematics
MGF 1113 G(M) Mathematics for Teachers I
MGF 1114 G(M) Mathematics for Teachers II
MHF 3202 G(M) Foundations of Mathematics
MHF 3404 G(M) History of Mathematics
MTG 3203 G(M) Geometry for Middle School Teachers
MTG 3212 G(M) Modern Geometry
MTG 4302 G(M) Elementary Topology
PHI 3130 G(M) Symbolic Logic
STA 2014 G(M) Elementary Statistics for Health/Social Sciences
STA 2023 G(M) Elementary Statistics for Business
STA 3032 G(M) Probability and Statistics for Engineers
STA 3163 G(M) Statistical Methods I
STA 3164 G(M) Statistical Methods II
STA 4202 G(M) Design of Experiments
STA 4222 G(M) Design of Sample Surveys
STA 4321 G(M) Probability and Statistics
STA 4322 G(M) Statistical Theory
STA 4445 G(M) Applied Probability Models
STA 4502 G(M) Nonparametric Methods in Statistics
STA 4504 G(M) Categorical Data Analysis
STA 4664 G(M) Statistical Quality Control
STA 4945 G(M) Capstone Experience in Statistics


CLEP exams may not be used to satisfy Gordon Rule Writing. Only the subject exam in College Algebra or above may be used to satisfy Gordon Rule Math. Passing CLEP scores are determined by the UNF Office of Admissions. General CLEP exams will not satisfy either Gordon Rule Writing or Gordon Rule Math.