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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Coggin College of Business Overview


AACSB Accredited emblem

Our undergraduate and graduate programs in business and accounting are AACSB Accredited, which is the international gold standard for quality academic programs in business management. As the longest serving global association dedicated to advancing management education worldwide, AACSB accredits 901 of the world's best business schools across 58 countries and territories. Currently, 189 member institutions hold AACSB Accreditation in accounting.


To educate and develop business professionals through accredited degree programs by having both students and faculty engaged in scholarly activities for the discovery and application of knowledge.


The Coggin College of Business aspires to be the institution of first choice for business education, serving North Florida with top-quality faculty excelling in teaching and scholarship, and sharing with students their passion for life-long discovery and community service.


Coggin College staff, students, and faculty work together in a learning community characterized by civility, mutual respect, and open, honest communication.

The distinctiveness of our learning community is exemplified by the values that we consider most important. Specifically, we value:
  • faculty-student interaction of the highest quality;
  • global perspective, as an essential aspect of relevant business education; and
  • commitment to enthusiasm for continuous learning.

Our faculty and staff embrace these values and encourage our students to do the same. As our students observe professional interactions among faculty, staff and their peers, they are provided with behavioral models to emulate.

Our goal is to live and share these values so that students learning in the Coggin College, which could be limited to receiving information, instead becomes transformational learning. That is, it results in a positive shift in the way students think, view themselves, and view the world around them.

This transformational learning takes place in our classrooms and in experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad; internships; participation in student organizations; involvement in research projects with our faculty; and professional interactions with our staff.

We expect that students who are engaged in the Coggin College learning community will obtain high-quality positions upon graduation and have successful careers as business professionals. As alumni, they become the "Brand" of the Coggin College.

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Wall Street Journal Partnership

Each student each receives access to all of the Wall Street Journal's online editions, as well as Barron's online and the WSJ Employment Edition. Additional information is available on Coggin College's Wall Street Journal Partnership webpage.

Jacksonville Business Journal Partnership

All Coggin students have online access to the Jacksonville Business Journal. This publication gives students insight into the pulse of the local business community. Additional Information is available on Coggin College's Jacksonville Business Journal Partnership webpage.

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