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Coggin College of Business

Coggin Study Abroad

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Welcome to Study Abroad in the Coggin College of Business.

The University of North Florida Coggin College of Business Study Abroad Program casts a wide, global net. This program is a portal for students who want to go to other countries to not only study cosmopolitan business practices, but the international culture as well. Students seeking to experience international academics find a home in our Study Abroad Program. 

If you’re ready for this global experience, get things in order now and the Coggin College of Business will help you. Our next phase of the program involving travel will take place in the spring of 2023, so get your Department of State passport now. Processing time can take up to 18 weeks and you can apply now. 

Once you have travel documents in order, get ready for your next round of excitement the Coggin College of Business delivers in the study abroad program which involves several steps in these links:


Non-business majors are welcome to participate in Coggin Study Abroad programs. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to figure out how the program will fit into their degree. Consider declaring the International Business Minor for Non-Business majors
For more study abroad opportunities outside of the Coggin College of Business, please visit the UNF International Center.