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Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Resources for Study Abroad

International Business & Study Abroad has compiled several resources that may be helpful as students, faculty, and staff prepare for international experiences.  They can also act as catalysts for deeper research into a particular topic or competency.  Many of these are offered free of charge or are available through a UNF department, such as the Thomas J. Carpenter Library or Center for Community Based Learning.  If you come across a resource you believe should be added to this list, send it to us for review.  We would love to include the expertise of our full campus community.
  • Podcasts
  • Workbooks and Easy Reads
  • Group Simulations for Leaders
  • Local Experiences
  • Matrices and Definitions
  • Additional UNF Resources
  • Smartphone Apps


Hidden Brain

Freakonomics Radio
  • How to Change your Mind.  Having an open mind is essential to gaining the most from an international experience.  Here's how to do it.

Great Big Story   

  • More than just a podcast, this site's "team of award-winning storytellers travel the world in search of the people and places that will feed your curiosity, inspire your imagination and ignite your sense of wonder."  Consider watching the episode Pizzas Around the World, from Mexico to Nepal.


Workbooks and Easy Reads

Culture Matters 

This interactive workbook originally designed for Peace Corps Volunteers helps prepare students and young adults for more intense immersive experiences abroad.


Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands 

This book series explores global business etiquette.  The original version is broad, but recent editions are region or discipline specific.


American Cultural Patterns 

Sometimes it's best to start with understanding one's own culture in relation to others.  American Cultural Patterns delves into general American culture.

Group Simulations for Leaders

BaFa' BaFa'*
Students are split into two groups, Alphas and Betas, each with a different culture.  Students then "visit" the culture opposite their own.  This simulation takes one and a half to three hours and significant preparation for first-time facilitators.  It can be run with 12 to 40 participants.


Rafa' Rafa'*

This is a simplified, lighter version of BaFa' BaFa'.  It is intended for middle school students but can be adapted as a fun simulation for university students.


Local Experiences

Ethnic stores and restaurants in Jacksonville are Hicks Honors College's recommended resources for preparing students for international experiences:


Matrices and Definitions

Monash University, Australia

The Monash Intercultural Lab explores the meaning of intercultural competence and its importance.


Association of American Colleges & Universities

The AAC&U value rubrics may be helpful in international program assessment, particularly (1) civic engagement - local and global, (2) intercultural knowledge and competence, and (3) global learning.


Cultural Intelligence Scale

Soon Ang et al., refines cultural intelligence theory and outcomes in this widely cited paper.

Additional UNF Resources

UNF's own library offers myriad intercultural resources for students, faculty, and staff, including the following:

  • Mango Languages. This language learning software for over 70 of the world's languages is available to UNF students, faculty, and staff for free through the UNF library.

Smartphone Apps


Currency Conversion

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