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Four Countries. Two Degrees.

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The GlobalMBA is a unique program providing graduate students the opportunity to combine intensive classroom study with experiences in three countries: Germany, Poland, and the United States, plus a three-week program in an Asian country during the summer. The GlobalMBA is offered by a consortium of three outstanding universities:

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Each university selects a small group of students who function as a cohort throughout the GlobalMBA. The cohort, of approximately 30 students, studies together, spending one term at each institution. The curriculum includes courses in the international aspects of each business discipline, in addition to courses on intercultural communication and international business environments in each country. All instruction is in English.

During the summer semester, students spend three weeks studying the business environment and culture of an Asian country, led by a faculty member in the GlobalMBA. By the end of the program, students are conversational in three distinct business cultures and have completed an intercultural group thesis.

The experience and knowledge that GlobalMBA students gain by living, studying, and learning about four diverse countries and working closely with the international students in the program prepares them for exciting careers in international business. Our alumni are hired for positions in all business disciplines and sectors - in multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, and more.  Start your application in September, and contact us today!

CEO MAGAZINE TIER ONE GLOBAL MBA RANKINGS 2023 gold background and the O in CEO is a globeFor the third year in a row, our GlobalMBA has been ranked a Tier 1 Global MBA program by CEO Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cohort and when does each GlobalMBA cohort begin?
    A cohort is a group of students who stay together throughout an entire program. In the GlobalMBA, each university in the consortium admits up to 10 students who are then combined to create the GlobalMBA cohort. Traditionally, the GlobalMBA includes 25 – 30 students who study together every term. A new GlobalMBA cohort curriculum begins every fall semester. View the curriculum for an outline of dates and courses.
  • How much will the GlobalMBA cost?
    You can find detailed cost estimates on the Tuition & Fees page, which lists both tuition costs as well as travel and living expenses. Students pay a one-time $1,300 program fee, which covers the cost of orientations, business visits, workshops and alumni events throughout the program. Aside from tuition and the program fee, the largest expense is typically airline tickets throughout the program. Living expenses are similar to those you would face in the US, so the incremental cost is low (depending upon exchange rates).
  • What kind of financial aid is available?
    Once accepted, GlobalMBA students are encouraged to visit the UNF Financial Aid office to discuss options for aid. Most students pay for the program with a combination of personal savings, public and/or private loans, and scholarships. The Coggin College of Business offers three to five merit-based graduate fellowships to GlobalMBA students, for which you would automatically be considered. You may also apply for UNF's Student Affairs International Learning Scholarship (SAILS) for each semester that you are abroad.
  • Will I need a student visa?
    Visa requirements vary across countries and change over time. You will be provided information during the GlobalMBA pre-departure orientation in Jacksonville, and periodically during your time overseas. You may always visit the U.S. State Department website for current visa information.
  • Who is eligible for admission?
    Each consortium institution selects up to 10 students per year to participate in the GlobalMBA program. In order to participate, students must have earned an undergraduate degree in any discipline prior to beginning the GlobalMBA program. Students must also meet certain admission requirements. If you need to take the business prerequisites for the GlobalMBA, you may do so at UNF the summer before the program begins. Previous work experience is not required.
  • Do I need to know a foreign language to study in GlobalMBA?
    All instruction is in English, regardless of the country in which you are studying. All students and faculty participating in the GlobalMBA are fluent in English. If students are interested, they may take optional German and Polish language courses for an extra fee during their semesters in Germany and Poland, respectively.
  • What can I do now to make myself a more competitive applicant?
    Beyond the basic academic requirements for admissions, it's helpful to have previous study or work experience overseas. The more independent and extensive the experience, the better, but even an eight-day faculty led study abroad or personal travel overseas can give you an edge. Alternatively, you can gain intercultural awareness by participating in a club or volunteer organization that focuses on international issues or works with people from diverse backgrounds. We're more than happy to talk with you in more depth in-person or on the phone.
  • What do employers think of the GlobalMBA?
    The business community is very excited about professional education that features a multinational focus. While many alumni choose to travel for career prospects, many choose to remain in the Jacksonville, Fla, area. Jacksonville hosts numerous multinational companies and is attracting more each day with inviting incentive programs. This results in myriad opportunities for students with a truly international education. Visit Jacksonville's Chamber of Commerce for details on business in Jacksonville.
  • What kinds of positions do students typically take upon graduation?
    Since business degrees are very versatile, alumni of the GlobalMBA go into various fields: marketing, finance, economics, hospitality, technology, government, education, non-profit, and more. Position titles recent alumni have had immediately upon graduation include project manager, analyst, and coordinator. After two to three years, they have typically been promoted at least once, and we have several vice presidents, presidents and CEOs among our alumni network. Alumni have also served in the Peace Corps, worked for the United Nations and created entrepreneurial ventures, in addition to working for multinational companies like Deutschebank and Disney World.  Visit our alumni testimonials page to hear from a few in their own words.
  • Will I have an opportunity to meet alumni?
    The GlobalMBA international alumni network becomes more impressive every year. Once admitted to the program, students are granted access to our GlobalMBA LinkedIn group to begin making connections right away. Networking events with alumni are held in each country, at each consortium institution. Alumni are also invited to participate in several events throughout the program. View the GlobalMBA YouTube clips to hear more from our alumni.
  • What kind of career support does the GlobalMBA offer?
    Throughout the GlobalMBA, in each country, you will participate in networking events and business visits that are often attended by high-ranking professionals within each company. During your final semester at UNF, you will be required to complete S.T.A.R. certification, which provides professional development training and additional networking opportunities. Beyond program-specific events, GlobalMBA students are invited to all of the networking events provided by UNF Career Services, including on-campus interviews and a university-wide career fair during the fall semester.