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The GlobalMBA curriculum for the current and next cohorts are available at the links below. To understand the tables, recall that each university in the consortium selects a small group of students who function as a single cohort, studying together throughout the program. The opportunity to live, study, and travel with students from other nations represents one of the most important learning experiences in the GlobalMBA. All instruction is in English.

Teamwork is practiced intensively in the GlobalMBA. Traditionally, each team consists of at least one student from each institution, deepening the intercultural aspects of the program. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, each student earns two master's degrees and a certificate of attendance.

View the current and upcoming cohorts' travel schedules for important dates.

  • Prerequisites

    All GlobalMBA students, regardless of the home university, must meet the following admission requirements.

    • Hold a bachelor's degree from an "institutionally accredited" institution by the time the GlobalMBA begins
    • Earn an official GMAT score of 500 or higher, or GRE score of 300 or higher
    • Be proficient in English (all instruction takes place in English, regardless of the student's native language)
    • Have successfully completed introductory coursework in the following areas:
      • Business Law
      • Economics (Micro/Macro)
      • Financial Accounting
      • Financial Management
      • Marketing
      • Management
  • Curriculum

    The following course listing links to sample course descriptions, which provide an overview of the topics and design of each course. Actual syllabi and professors will vary by year.

    Technische Hochschule Köln

    October - January (18 credits)

    • Global Economics and Thesis Seminar 
    • International Management Accounting 
    • Intercultural Communication 
    • Business Environment: Germany 
    • Applied Intercultural Communication: Germany 
    • Making Decisions with Data 

    University of Warsaw

    February - May (21 credits)

    • International Management and Strategy 
    • Advanced Financial Management 
    • Organizational Theory 
    • Management Information Systems 
    • Human Resources Management 
    • Business Environment: Poland 
    • Applied Intercultural Communication: Poland 

    Kyungpook National University 

    June - August (9 credits)

    Note: One course from Warsaw may be transferred to Kyungpook in the future.

    • International Finance 
    • Applied Intercultural Communication: South Korea
    • Business Environment: South Korea

    University of North Florida

    August - December (15 credits)

    • Applied Intercultural Communication: US 
    • International Marketing 
    • Modeling and Management of Operations 
    • Business Environment: United States 
    • Advanced Business Policy 

    Throughout Program

    • Thesis
  • Degrees Earned

    Upon successful completion of all program requirements, each GlobalMBA student earns two master's degrees:

    • Global Master of Business Administration (GlobalMBA) from the University of North Florida
    • Master of International Management and Intercultural Communication from Technische Hochschule Köln.

    Also, students will receive a certificate of participation from Kyungpook National University (KNU). The GlobalMBA program is a dual-degree program. Students must complete ALL program requirements to earn both degrees; is it not possible to complete part of the program and earn only one degree.