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Coggin College of Business
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About Our Program

GlobalMBA ranked number one in Eastern Europe for master's programs in management. 

Over a cup of coffee in 1999, faculty members from Technische Hochschule Köln (THK) and the University of North Florida’s (UNF) Coggin College of Business outlined the design of a business and communication focused double degree program.  This international master’s program concept became the GlobalMBA and admitted its first cohort of German and American students two years later.  After a couple of iterations with different partner institutions and countries, the GlobalMBA settled on its current composition in 2021: THK, UNF, the University of Warsaw (UW) and Kungpook National University (KNU).  These forward-thinking faculty realized that a more global and multifaceted business education would be required for the 21st century workplace.

Accentuated by the multinational cohort format of the GlobalMBA, the program’s intercultural communication component is given as much weight as the functional business component.  Students study their host countries’ business and communication practices during each of the four semesters and internalize what they learn by living and traveling with their international colleagues.  Group work is emphasized both in class settings and in the master’s thesis: research, writing and defense.

Graduates of the GlobalMBA are expected to understand various business disciplines from an international perspective.  Critical thinking and leadership skills are also honed throughout the 15 months of this academically and socially challenging program.