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Expectations & Grades


Arrival in each location

The GlobalMBA program sets a calendar for the start of each term and the latest allowable arrival to the program location. Students must plan ahead and must arrive on time. Students who do not meet these expectations may be suspended from the program. Select special circumstances will be considered by the institution affected, with advanced notice.

Orientations & Pre-Term Activities

Attendance and participation in each university's term's orientation, including any and all pre-term activities, is required. The GlobalMBA Student Manual provides an overview of requirements and practical considerations for each semester abroad. Students are also expected to abide by each institution's code of conduct, as well as the GlobalMBA Code of Honor, which will be provided once students begin the program in Cologne.

Successful Completion of the Program

Successful completion of the GlobalMBA program means passing all courses in the GlobalMBA curriculum and passing the thesis and its defense. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, each GlobalMBA student earns two master's degrees:

  • Global Master of Business Administration (GlobalMBA) from the University of North Florida
  • Master of International Management and Intercultural Communication from Technische Hochschule Köln

Also, students will receive a certificate of participation from Kyungpook National University. The GlobalMBA program is a dual-degree program. Students must complete ALL program requirements to earn both degrees; it is not possible to complete part of the program and earn one degree.

Grading Scales

Each university will convert grades earned abroad into their home grading systems. The grade concordance for the GlobalMBA program is as follows:

(after 2021)


(until 2021)

A 1.0-1.3 5 TBA 90-100
A- 1.7-2.0 5 TBA 83-89
B+ 2.3-2.6 4.5 TBA 80-82
B 2.7-3.2 4 TBA 73-79
B- 3.3-3.6 4 TBA 70-72
C+ 3.7-3.9 3.5 TBA 65-69
C 4.0 3 TBA 60-64
D or F 5.0 2 TBA 0-59

Students must average a B (3.0 grade point average) or higher based on the UNF grade scale in order to successfully complete the program. Take a look at UNF's grading system, section 11.4.