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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Seal, Logo, Mascot and Creed

The Official Seal

University of North Florida official seal The official seal for the University of North Florida incorporates a circle and a compass rose - a direction-finding device for mariners. These symbolize the University's role in providing direction for students. The placement of the symbol in the upper northeast quadrant of the circle describes the University's location in the northeast region of Florida. The Roman numerals MCMLXV refer to the year that the University was chartered, 1965. Use of the official University seal is reserved for official documents such as diplomas and other official certificates.

The UNF LogoUniversity of North Florida logo

The University's graphic symbol is depicted at left. It consists of three elements. The initials UNF are referred to as the monogram. The words University of North Florida are referred to as the descriptor. The bird is the osprey image. The osprey image should never be used alone. The logo appears on official University stationery, business cards, envelopes, Web pages and external publications. Blue and gray are the official UNF colors. Visual Identity Guidelines, which explain the proper use of the UNF logos, are available at the Department of Marketing and Publications, or can be found online.

The Osprey Mascot

osprey bird drawingThe osprey was adopted officially as the University of North Florida mascot in November 1979 in an election conducted by the Student Government Association. The osprey received 47 percent of the votes and won over the armadillo, seagull, manatee and shark. Ospreys can often be seen gliding majestically over the campus. The osprey - a member of the hawk family with a wingspan of up to 6 feet - is capable of diving 80 mph in pursuit of fish, which constitute its main diet. UNF's mascot has the characteristics that UNF students hope to have when they graduate. Ospreys have been described as seemingly inexhaustible, tenacious, opportunistic, cosmopolitan, loyal to their species, adaptable, resilient and fond of living near other ospreys. Described as "trendy birds" in National Geographic magazine for their success in adapting to suburban neighborhoods, ospreys also are into recycling. Children's toys, plastic foam containers, cork buoys and doormats are some of the items they use to construct their gigantic nests. Ospreys, like UNF alumni, reside on all continents, except Antarctica. To commemorate UNF's commitment to the environment and its adoption of the osprey as its mascot, the University of North Florida Foundation Inc. commissioned a watercolor painting of the osprey by noted ornithologist and wildlife artist Frederick William Wetzel of Jacksonville. The painting hangs permanently in the special collections of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library.

The Student Creed

I am loyal to the Nest without reservation.
I am selfless in my effort to advance its values.
I am relentless in the pursuit of truth and
knowledge carried out in the spirit of
intellectual and artistic freedom.
I am one who wears the colors of the Osprey proudly.
I am wearing them on my chest and in my heart, on and off the playing field with confidence and vigor.
I am filled with courage and dare to soar.
I am an Osprey flying far, fast, and hard.

- Christopher Warren, 2010