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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (AROTC): Army Science Program

University of North Florida Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (UNF Army ROTC) is a program for student's whom want to know more about leadership and wishing to receive a commission as an officer in the United States Army. Graduating students who complete all four (4) years of UNF Army ROTC curriculum will receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the United States Army, and will have the option of serving in one of three (3) components: active duty or in the United States Army, Reserve, or Army National Guard. UNF Army ROTC is a four-year program comprised of academic classes in leadership. Traditional cadets typically enroll in UNF Army ROTC as freshmen, but there are many options for sophomores and even incoming juniors to apply and complete the program as well.

UNF Army ROTC courses fit into most UNF academic programs as electives. Students normally take one course per semester along with their other classes. Freshmen and sophomores (MS1's and MS2's) begin with instruction in basic leadership principle, physical fitness, land navigation, and first aid. These classes are considered electives just like any other at UNF, and during this "try it and see" stage, there is no commitment required to enter the US Army.

Junior cadets (MS-3's) take advanced courses in tactics, leadership, and management. At this stage, they formally commit to the United States Army and compete nationally during Cadet Summer Training (CST) where events such as land navigation, tactics and physical fitness is the focus. During their senior (MS4) year, upper-classmen cadets receive advanced instruction in leadership principles, advanced military skills, and management. They also serve as student-level supervisors of all of the other UNF ROTC cadets. Upon graduation from UNF, these outstanding men and women receive a commission as an Army Second Lieutenant.

Financial Benefits

UNF Army ROTC offers several opportunities for scholarships with full tuition/fees (or room and board up to $10,000 per year). As a high school senior, students may compete for a 4-year scholarship at a national level. Please go to the application link at to apply. Applications should be completed and submitted on-line no later than 10 Jan of a student's senior year. It is recommended that students apply as soon as they receive their ACT/SAT results. The sooner the better. Once on the campus as a UNF student, cadets meeting the academic and physical standards may apply for a 3-year or 2-year Army ROTC Campus Based Scholarship. Each pays full tuition, $1,200 / year for books, plus a monthly stipend for living expenses. The monthly spending stipend is paid only during the ten months during spring and fall when school is in session. Freshmen receive $300/month, sophomores $350/month, juniors $450/month, and seniors receive $500/month. UNF Army ROTC Cadets may also choose to serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard "Simultaneous Membership Program" (SMP). As an SMP participant, the cadet is paid the rank of SGT in the Army Reserve or Florida National Guard unit and holds the duties and responsibilities of an officer.

Obligation to the US Army

Introductory or basic courses let the student "try out" the US Army without obligation. However, once a cadet accepts a scholarship or enters the advanced courses, they make a commitment to serve as an Army officer for 8 years upon graduation. Some cadets request full-time active duty assignments and serve initial tours of 3-4 years. Others elect to serve as part-time Army Reserve or National Guard Officers for 6-8 years while they pursue their civilian careers or advanced academic degrees.

What else does Army ROTC offer?

As an Army ROTC cadet, students have numerous opportunities to perfect leadership and military skills, which will serve them in the military and in the civilian world. During the school year, cadets participate in one weekend field training exercise or "FTX". The FTX involves small-group leadership challenges and adventure activities. After the junior year, cadets participate in a five-week summer leadership camp (Advanced Camp), followed by paid internship opportunities (CTLT) at Army posts in the U.S., Germany, and Korea. Many cadets also have summer opportunities for advanced military training schools such as Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain & Northern Warfare schools. Cadets also annually send a competitive team to the Army Ten Miller in Washington D.C. Cadet social activities include an annual Military Ball along with gatherings at local restaurants, and an end of semester barbecue and award ceremony.

How can Army ROTC benefit you?

Army ROTC will help you be successful during college and after graduation. You will gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to succeed in college and impress employers when you graduate. As you progress, you will gain skills and experiences in leading activities, setting goals, managing people and resources, and making decisions in demanding circumstances. Additionally, you will earn opportunities for service-to-country as an officer, full-time on active duty or part-time as you pursue a civilian career.

How do enroll into UNF ARMY ROTC?

Enrolling in UNF Army ROTC is as easy as registering for any other UNF course. You may take any of the basic courses (freshman and sophomore years) without obligation. As an undergraduate or graduate student, you may qualify for advanced courses as long as you have two years of full-time study remaining before graduation. Students who enter ROTC after their sophomore year may attend a four week paid summer training course (Basic Camp), qualifying you to enter the junior year of Army ROTC or elect to complete United States Army Basic Training (BCT) to meet the prerequisite. We appreciate that there are many unique situations. Contact the ROTC office with specific questions.

Jacksonville University (JU), Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ), and Edward Waters College (EWC) students are also fully eligible to participate in UNF ROTC. Students should consult their academic advisors for enrollment information.

Prior Service Students

If you are a veteran or are currently serving in the Army Reserve or National Guard, you may qualify to enter directly into the advanced course when you become an academic junior at the university. You may participate in ROTC without losing your Montgomery GI Bill or tuition assistance benefits. Contact the office prior to the start of your junior year, however.

How to get more information on UNF ARMY ROTC

UNF Army ROTC is located in Building 9, Schultz Hall, Suite 1129. Contact UNF ARMY ROTC at (904) 620-5711.