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Residency Processing

Residency Reclassification

New and returning students: please see Initial Classification information.

A Florida “resident for tuition purposes” refers to whether you qualify as an in-state Florida resident or an out-of-state resident. This classification determines your cost of tuition.

An individual who is initially classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes may become eligible for reclassification as a resident for tuition purposes only if that individual (or the parent(s)/legal guardian of that individual, if the individual is dependent) supports permanent residency in this state for 12 consecutive months. The individual (or his or her parent(s)/legal guardian, if the individual is dependent) must present documentation that substantiates residency in Florida to maintain a bona fide domicile, rather than to maintain a mere temporary residence or abode incident to enrollment at an institution of higher education.

Residency reclassification requests are subject to Florida statute 1009.21, University of North Florida policy and State Board of Education rule 6A-10.044 which was adopted by the Florida Board of Governors on September 6, 2006. The instructions below do not compromise a complete overview of residency reclassification regulations. Refer to the FloridaShines website for state guidelines on residency reclassification. The burden of proof is on the student to provide clear and convincing documentation that supports permanent legal residency in Florida for at least 12 months rather than residency to pursue an education.

Students may only apply for residency reclassification for an upcoming semester. Requests for retroactive residency will not be considered unless there was a University error that resulted in an incorrect residency designation for a prior term.


  • Log into your myWings portal
  • Choose Student on the side menu
  • Select Student Resources, and then Banner Self Service
  • Click on Student Records
  • Select Residency Reclassification 

At least three Florida IDs/documentation must be submitted, with dates that evidence the 12-month qualifying period. View the list of valid IDs on the residency documentation page.

In addition to the three Florida IDs/documentation, a completed requisite intent form is required.

Requisite Intent Form

Helpful Information:

  • Your residency reclassification request cannot be processed until you have registered for the term you are trying to reclassify
  • Fill out the declaration and the requisite intent form
  • The priority deadline to turn in all required documentation is the 5th Friday before the first week of classes of the term for which you are applying for residency. The last day to turn in the required documentation is the business day before the first day of classes of the term for which you are applying for residency. See the academic calendar for the exact dates for each term.
  • Copies of all documentation are required before a decision can be rendered and no single piece of documentation will be considered conclusive.
  • Sending in this information will not automatically qualify you for Florida Residency for tuition purposes. An evaluation of all documentation will be required before a determination of residency status is made. Please note that additional documentation or clarification may be requested.
  • Students are encouraged to contact One-Stop Student Services for questions regarding how reclassification will affect financial aid.
  • Requisite intent is addressed in Section V of the reclassification application. The documentation requested for this requirement should be something that shows the claimant is in Florida for reasons other than school. More information can be found in the Residency Guidelines on, Section 5.2 "Documentary Evidence."
  • Living in Florida for a year or longer does not automatically qualify you for in-state tuition (Florida residency). Under Florida law, there is a difference between being a "Florida Resident" and being a Florida "Resident for Tuition Purposes."
  • Ties to another state or country will result in a denial of a residency reclassification application

If you cannot access the residency declaration or have questions, email for assistance.

If you are a graduate student, please contact The Graduate School at


Term Priority Deadline Final Deadline Domicile Year Tax Year
Summer 2023 Friday, April 14, 2023 Friday, May 12, 2023 May 14, 2022, through May 14, 2023 2022
Fall 2023 Friday, July 21, 2023 Friday, Aug. 18, 2023 Aug. 20, 2022, through Aug. 20, 2023 2022
Spring 2024 Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023 Friday, Jan. 5, 2024 Jan. 7, 2023, through Jan. 7, 2024 2022



A student may appeal a residency decision to the University Residency Appeals Committee for the following reasons:

  • Denied in-state residency reclassification
  • Review of residency reclassification after the deadline

The following items are required for residency reclassification appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement
  • Completed declaration
  • Completed requisite intent
  • 3 valid Florida IDs/documentation

Students are notified of the committee’s decision via email. The committee’s decision is final. The deadline to submit an appeal and required documentation is the last day of the term you are appealing. See the academic calendar for the exact dates for each term.

If you have any questions regarding the appeals process, email for assistance.