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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Pre-Medical Professions Program

Web Address:

Elizabeth Stotz-Potter, Ph.D., Pre-Health Professional Advisor & Associate Laboratory Lecturer

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Biomedical Program for pre-professional students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, laboratory research or other biomedical fields. The Biomedical Program is a support program housed within the Department of Biology that serves all UNF students with biomedical career interests. Program components include: professional school academic/career advising; program advising by professional academic advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences (for all UNF students); workshops and information sessions on professional school entrance testing, application processes, interviewing techniques; and research opportunities with UNF Faculty. Students in any major may participate in the Biomedical Program and can gain access to the UNF Biomedical Program Canvas page by self enrolling at:

The Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Physics each offer tracks within their degree programs that facilitate completion of the necessary courses required for entry into most post-graduate health profession programs while students complete their UNF degree. In addition, pre-professional students are encouraged to broaden their educational experience by participating in the Pre-Med Minor in the Liberal Arts that is offered in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Studies program. The Pre-Med minor is intended for Biology, Chemistry and Physics majors. Students majoring in programs outside of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are encouraged to minor in Biology to complete prerequisite courses for Biomedical Programs. For more information about the minor, email the Biomedical Program.

A Biomedical Pre-Professional Post-baccalaureate Certificate program is available to post-baccalaureate students who wish to apply to biomedical professional schools. This program is designed for graduates with a degree in a non-science field. Features of the certificate program include all appropriate undergraduate course work, opportunities for advanced course work at UNF, and access to all of the Biomedical Pre-Professional Program components described above. Information regarding the application process can be found on the Biomedical Pre-Professionals website.

Students are encouraged to participate in UNF clubs that reflect their biomedical interests. These clubs include but are not limited to the Biomedical Pre-Professionals (premed) Club, Pre SOMA (students of osteopathic medicine association) Club, Pre Dental Club, Pre PA Club and Pre Vet Club.

These service organizations provide peer support and volunteer activities for interested students. Students interested in meeting with the Pre-medical Professions Advisor may make an appointment on the Biomedical Sciences web page and should also consult the Biomedical Pre-Professionals website for more information about the program.