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2024-2025 University Catalog
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College of Education and Human Services Undergraduate Majors

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The College of Education and Human Services has long valued its role in the preparation of school and human services professionals. The ever-broadening, increasingly diverse needs of society, however, have created a continuing demand for educators and other professionals who are equipped to make an impact on the children and adults with whom they work. To help meet this demand, the College continues to expand its programs. Students may now choose from career paths in general or special education with teaching options in school settings from pre-Kindergarten through secondary. Many of our field placements are located in challenged urban schools. The College also has degree options for individuals interested in careers in sport management, early childhood development (non-licensure) and ASL/interpreting.

The College envisions its faculty and students as active leaders and responsive partners in the study and enhancement of teaching and learning within diverse learning communities. The mission of the College of Education and Human Services is to:

  • Collaborate with local, regional, national, and international stakeholders to promote transformational learning experiences;
  • Establish and nurture partnerships with local institutions and agencies to address the needs of our community, which is inclusive of urban areas;
  • Develop and offer rigorous programs of study that promote high standards;
  • Use evidence-based practices to prepare effective practitioners who exhibit a professional disposition;
  • Contribute to the knowledge base in our disciplines through quality scholarship; and
  • Model and foster a commitment to professional growth, critical and creative thinking, and reflective practice.

Emphasis is placed on experiential learning experiences with nearby schools and agencies serving as laboratories for learning.

In accordance with the federal Higher Education Act (HEA), the College of Education and Human Services keeps annual records of the success of teacher education candidates on a series of state assessments known as the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE). HEA provisions require that these data, along with the institution’s ranking among the other institutions with teacher education programs in the state, be made available in institutional catalogs. For the most recent reporting period, 100 percent of UNF students who completed the teacher education program obtained passing scores on the general knowledge, professional education portion and subject area portion of the FTCE.

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The College of Education and Human Services offers majors in elementary education (K-6); pre-kindergarten through primary grades (age 3 through grade 3); early childhood development (non-licensure); middle school (grades 5-9) mathematics/science education; secondary specializations in selected majors; exceptional student education, (K-12) including deaf education, disability services and ASL/English interpreting and sport management.

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Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The COSMA Accredited Sport Management program is reflective of the fast-paced and growing sports industry across the country. The program of study provides an academic foundation in sports management for application in a variety of sports settings. Students receive valuable career training through practicum and internship experiences in selected settings including: college recreation or athletic programs, community recreation agencies, sport organizations or business, sport facilities, and professional sports teams. Students interested in this degree program should contact Program Coordinator, Dr. Jason Lee or an academic advisor in the College of Education and Human Services.

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Majors leading to Teacher Certification

Students enrolled in the College of Education and Human Services education degree programs that lead to teacher licensure must complete an undergraduate curriculum based on a specific program of studies, including field based courses and internship. Each teacher preparation program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and professional practices essential for all educational personnel and fulfill Florida Department of Education certification requirements.

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