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2024-2025 University Catalog
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College of Education and Human Services Undergraduate Minors

American Sign Language Minor

An American Sign Language (ASL) minor is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of the rich heritage of the language and culture of deaf people. It benefits students in a way that gives them an edge in employment opportunities such as teachers, interpreters, social workers, translators, criminal justice personnel, medical personnel, salespersons, and many more professional career opportunities. This ability to communicate with deaf people is often viewed as an asset by employers, particularly in the helping professions such as counselors and advisors. Theater and art students can benefit because of the inherent physical expressiveness of ASL. This is a language that can be passed on to children and to children's children as a skill to communicate with others in a unique way.

Early Childhood
A minor in early childhood education is offered to students who are interested in working in the field of early childhood (children ages 0-8). Currently, those interested in this field have available to them a teacher preparation program (B.A.E. in Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Licensure Education). However, the field of early childhood attracts a larger population than those interested in teaching. This minor is open to all UNF majors. The minor requires 18 hours with no grades less than a "C". Only 6 credits can be transferred in from another institution with the approval of the department. The remaining 12 hours must be taken at UNF.


The leadership inter-disciplinary minor offers opportunities for personal and professional leadership development to all UNF students regardless of their major, enabling them to acquire the degree reflected on their academic transcript and an important add-on to complement any major. The minor requires 12 credit hours of coursework as well as documentation of co-curricular leadership learning. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the minor coursework. The program is grounded in the Social Change Model (SCM) of leadership development and challenges students to become effective, ethical and value-driven leaders with a commitment to excellence, accountability, and responsibility to the real world of the workplace and the global community. The program strives to empower students to be authentic self-directed learners through a highly engaged pedagogy and the practical application of community-based transformational learning components.

Professional Education
UNF students may select the professional education minor offered by the College of Education and Human Services to satisfy university minor requirements. The professional education minor meets minimum professional education requirements for alternative teacher certification in the state of Florida. Students must receive grades of "C" or better in all professional education coursework and may not have a cumulative Grade Point Average of less than a 2.5 in their education coursework. A minimum of 60 hour field experience (EDF 3945) in an approved school is included in the minor requirements. Students must complete a background check and fingerprinting prior to beginning any field experience course work. Students should consult with an academic advisor in the College of Education and Human Services to obtain information about teacher certification in Florida.

Sports Management
The sports industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. Sports Management is a highly competitive field with a host of jobs available. Most of these jobs, however, require specialized skills within the field of sport. This minor will help prepare future practitioners to be leaders in the industry at the highest level of high school, collegiate, amateur and professional sports. It addresses the unique demands of management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, communications and legal skills specific to the sport setting.

Deaf Education
The Deaf education minor offers a comprehensive and balanced perspective of students’ varying communication modes (signed or spoken language), language and academic proficiency levels, use of hearing technology, family dynamics and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Community Sport and Tourism

The program of study introduces the concepts, principles and practices of commercial recreation and tourism. The program provides a foundational overview of sports as a critical component of the US travel and tourism industry - particularly at the collegiate, amateur, youth and recreational levels. The minor engages students in the study of the management, programming and supervision of intramural and sport tournament/leagues in the leisure services delivery system.

Disability Services
The Minor in Disability Services is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in working with individuals with disabilities in non-teaching careers. According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, about 56.7 million people or 19% of the population had a disability. With this population being prevalent in all communities and all facets of society, this minor includes information about how to work besides, supervise, advise, interact with, respect, and support individuals with disabilities. Incorporated in this minor are authentic experiences where students work closely with individuals with disabilities, their families, businesses, and community agencies. The Minor in Disability Services aligns well with majors in all UNF colleges. The minor requires a total of 15 credit-hours.

Fitness Management
The program of study is designed to prepare those interested in working in the fitness industry upon graduation. Students learn about the theory and practice of fitness management, proper exercise instruction techniques, facility and risk management, as well as selected sport skills.

Learning Design and Technology
The Learning Design and Technology minor is for students pursuing all kinds of careers including education, health and wellness, government, business, and the industry as in all fields there is information that must be shared and people who need to be taught or trained. With this minor, you can get the technology skills, hard and soft, to be successful. Students with this minor will possess valuable advanced skills in applying technology concepts and tools to better communicate and share information. This minor is only four courses and will teach you skills& strategies for the integration of educational technology and training methods to successfully incorporate learning design into the jobs or career of your future.

Teaching Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
The academic minor in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) provides opportunities for undergraduate students to complete a sequence of courses that academically trains them for careers to teach English domestically and abroad. In these contexts, candidates will benefit from learning knowledge of language fundamentals paired with cultural and pedagogical TESOL training and teaching experiences. The minor is 15 credit hours.