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2023-2024 University Catalog
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certificate: BCM International Certificate

Degree: Undergraduate Certificate (CU) 2023-2024

Certificate Requirements (12 credits)

Students may only enroll in the certificate in conjunction with a degree-seeking program. Please see the Undergraduate Certificate Programs page for more information.

BCM Program total is 64 upper division semester not including the certificate requirements. Internship can be taken for up to 6 credit hours: 3 for internship and 3 to replace BCN3012 History of Construction. Also, an approved International Construction internship can be substituted for the Study Abroad or other approved International Construction course. All international courses can be substituted within the Building Construction degree program where applicable. Students may exceed 126 hours to meet International Certificate requirements.

BCN3012 History/Intro Const (3 Credits)
BCN4011 Hist/Cult International Arch (3 Credits)
BCN4775 International Construction (3 Credits)
BCN4956 Study Abroad Const Management (3 Credits)