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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Credit-bearing, undergraduate certificate programs are comprised of related courses that constitute a coherent body of study within a discipline. These programs must be approved through University and faculty governance processes. Furthermore, credit bearing certificate programs must establish student learning outcomes and assess the extent to which students achieve these outcomes. Additional information about the assessment of learning outcomes can be found in the Academic Learning Compact (ALC) policy.

With the approval of the sponsoring college, students can apply required coursework to both the certificate program and, if applicable, their chosen undergraduate degree program. Students do not, however, have the right to return for a retroactive certificate award. Students who have graduated from a degree program and wish to return to pursue a certificate will need to pay a new application fee and apply to the University as well as the specific certificate program. Credits awarded and used towards prior degrees cannot be applied to the undergraduate certificate.

Students are subject to the individual requirements of the undergraduate certificate program and will need to complete at least 50 percent of the required coursework in residence at the University (e.g., face-to-face, distance learning, or credit hours obtained while enrolled in an approved UNF study abroad program). Successful completion of the undergraduate certificate program will be noted on the student's official transcript separately from their degree program.

Eligibility and Related Requirements

Each program will develop its own eligibility criteria for certificate programs. Acceptance to the undergraduate certificate program is dependent on student eligibility and, if required, departmental approval. Some undergraduate certificates must be declared as an additional curriculum and are only available to currently enrolled degree-seeking students or those in certain majors. Other certificates are open to both non-degree and degree seeking students.

Currently enrolled degree-seeking UNF students must contact their academic advisor to discuss their intent to add a certificate to their program of study. The academic advisor will submit the request to add a certificate to the Office of Records and Registration for processing. Students are not enrolled in a certificate program by virtue of being enrolled in related courses.

Non-degree seeking students must submit an admissions application, pay an application fee, and be accepted into the desired certificate program in accordance with program-specific admissions criteria.

All undergraduate certificate students must meet all prerequisites for courses in which they wish to enroll. Students pursuing an undergraduate certificate will be required to meet the same academic requirements as those defined for degree-seeking students to remain in "good standing," as per UNF Policy 2.0610P.

Completion of a Certificate Program

Once the program coursework is satisfied, the student will be eligible to receive a document acknowledging completion that is separate from a diploma conferral. Students are required to apply to graduate from their certificate program through myWings by the graduation application deadline listed on the UNF Academic Calendar. If a student is completing a degree program and a certificate program both will need to be applied for individually during the graduation application window.

Certificate conferral information may be listed in the commencement program but will not be individually recognized as part of the commencement ceremony. Students earning only a certificate are not eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Printing and conferring all completion documents from University certificate programs will be the sole responsibility of the Office of Records and Registration. All materials required to print and package the completion documents will also be housed within Enrollment Services.

Successful completion of an undergraduate certificate program will be noted on a student's official transcripts separately from their degree program.

View the University's current official policy on undergraduate certificate programs.