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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Health Science

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Health (BSH) Concentration: Kinesiology 2023-2024

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Prerequisites (27 credits)

All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
MAC1105 (GM) College Algebra (3 Credits)
Acceptable Substitutes: MACX105, MACX140, MACX147 and MACX311 
BSC2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)
Prerequisite: BSC1010C
Acceptable Substitutes: BSCX085/X085L, PETX322/X322L, APKX100C, and BSCX093/ X093L
BSC2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 Credits)
Prerequisite: BSC2085C
Acceptable Substitutes: BSCX086/X086L, PETX323/X323L, APKX105/X105L, and BSCX094/X094L
CHEMISTRY General Chemistry I with Lab
Prerequisite: CHM1025 (Introduction to Chemistry) or qualifying score on chemistry placement assessment AND MAC1105 (College Algebra)
Acceptable Substitutes:CHMX045/X045L and CHMX030
STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: MAC1105 or MAC1147
Acceptable Substitutes:STAX023, STAX030 and MACX147
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)
HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition (3 Credits)
Acceptable Substitutes: HUNX201, HUNX577 and HSCX100
SPC2608 Fundamentals of Speech (3 Credits)
Acceptable Substitutes:SPCX600 and AEEX030C


Additional prerequisites for MSAT Program (3 credits required, 3 credits recommended)
Required: PHY1028/1028L Introduction to Physics with lab (3 credits)
Note: Prerequisite for MSAT; Not required for BSH-Kinesiology
Recommended: PET 3312C Biomechanics (3 credits) 

Major Requirements (60 credits)

All Major, elective, and foreign language requirements must be completed prior to internship with a grade of "C" or higher. Any exceptions must have the Program Director's approval. Honors in the major is available for those interested in pursuing research at graduate level after BSH graduation. Please contact the Program Director for more information.

HSC4612 Exercise Physio For Health Sci (3 Credits)
HSC4615L Lab Meth Ex Phys Hlth Sci (3 Credits)
Co-requisite: HSC4612
HSC3537 Medical Terminology (3 Credits)
ATR4610 Research Sports Med (3 Credits)
HSC4549 Adv Exercise Physiology (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: HSC4612
APK4125 Exercise Prescription (3 Credits)
PET4550 Physical Fitness Assessment (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: HSC4612
PET3310 Kinesiology (3 Credits)
Prerequisites: BSC2085C & BSC2086C
APK4101 Skel Musc Struct and Function (3 Credits)
APK3091 Lead and Prof in Kinesiology (3 Credits)
HSC3553 Pathophysiology (3 Credits)
PSY3832 Psychology of Sport (3 Credits)
PET3080 Physical Activity Epidemiology (3 Credits)
APK4165 Bioenergetics (3 Credits)
APK4120C Clinical Exercise Physiology (3 Credits)
Prerequisites: HSC4612, HSC4615L, & PET3080
APK4405 Exercise Psychology (3 Credits)
PEP4135 Princ Strength/Conditioning (3 Credits)
Prerequisites: HSC4612
PET4943 Pre Internship Kinesiology (3 Credits)
Must be completed in the semester immediately preceding PET4942 - Internship.
APK4912 Directed Independent Study - Honors in Kinesiology Research may substitute for Pre-Internship.
PET4942 Internship in Kinesiology (2-6 Credits)
Prerequisite: APK4912
Must be completed in the last academic semester of enrollment.
APK4971 Directed Independent Study - Honors in Kinesiology Thesis may substitute for Internship. 


The following courses are for students admitted to the BSH-Kines to MSAT Accelerated Pathway and require MSAT Program Director approval. 
  • APK 3091 Lead Prof in Kin (3 credits) or APK 4101 Skel Mus Str and Function (3 credits) will be replaced by ATR 5105C Foundations in Athletic Training (3 credits, summer B only)*. Students have the opportunity to choose the course (Lead Prof in Kin Skel Mus Str and Function) they would like to replace with ATR 5105C.
  • Four credit hours of PET 4942 Internship in Kinesiology (2-6 credits) will be replaced by ATR 5126C Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers (4 credits, summer B only)*. BSH-Kines students will be required to complete PET 4942 Internship in Kinesiology at 2 credits.

*Required course for students in accelerated BSH-Kines to MSAT pathway. 

Admission Criteria to Begin BSH-Kines to MSAT Accelerated Pathway: 
  • Meet with the Kinesiology and MSAT Program Directors and a BCH academic advisor to discuss eligibility for pathway.
  • Personal statement describing prior experiences, accomplishments, and career goals. Submit this to MSAT Program Director by April 1st in the semester prior to enrollment in BSH-Kines summer courses (APK 3091 and APK 4101).
  • College Cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Additional Admission Criteria Prior to Enrollment in MSAT-level Coursework: 

  • Earn a GPA of 3.00 in upper-level courses.
  • Completion of all MSAT prerequisites with a GPA of 3.0.
  • Meet MSAT Program Technical Standards for admission.
  • Completion of 50 hours of observational experience under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer.
  • Submission of three (3) letters of recommendation to MSAT Program Director. One letter of recommendation must be from an Athletic Trainer who supervised you during your observational experience.
  • Interview with the UNF Athletic Training Program Faculty.

Special Notes: 

  • Completion of the UNF application in the Athletic Training Centralized Application System is not required for students enrolled in the accelerated pathway.
  • Lead Prof in Kin or Skel Mus Str and Function and 4 credits of PET 4942 Internship in Kinesiology will be replaced by two graduate courses (ATR 5105C and ATR 5126C). Kinesiology students will be required to take PET 4942 Internship in Kinesiology at 2 credits.