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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Health Science: Kinesiology

The Osprey Map provides a term-by-term sample schedule for each undergraduate academic program at the University of North Florida. It is designed to guide students in the selection of courses each term. The "Mile Marker" courses are those courses that should be completed before or by the end of that term. Following the sample schedule, and completing the mile marker courses at the appropriate point of your undergraduate career, will facilitate graduation in four years. The term-by-term model assumes full-time enrollment. For students enrolled part-time, the sample schedule and mile markers should be followed based on the number of credits completed. The Osprey Map should be used in consultation with an academic advisor.

The Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences offers a Kinesiology concentration. This concentration culminates in a Bachelor of Science in Health (B.S.H.) degree. Of major concern to society is the health and well-being of its citizens. The field of Kinesiology includes healthcare professionals that utilize knowledge of the human body's adaptive responses to exercise to address an individual's health, fitness, or performance goals.

Kinesiology students who wish to continue their academic studies will benefit from a well-rounded curriculum designed to prepare students for admission into graduate programs in Kinesiology or other Health Care professions. The Kinesiology curriculum provides a strong foundation for students interested in the advanced degree of Physical Therapy. Other graduate programs that are of interest to Kinesiology students are: Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, Medicine, Physician's Assistant, Sports Psychology, and Pharmacy. Kinesiology students who seek employment after receiving the undergraduate degree are successful in 4 distinct areas of employment: (1)Clinical Exercise Physiology: healthcare-based positions that incorporate exercise testing, prescription, and supervision for a wide spectrum of patients such as cardiac rehabilitation, elderly care, and weight management. (2)Fitness/Recreation field: positions in personal training, fitness instruction, corporate wellness, wellness coach, and recreation. (3)Human Performance: strength coach, performance coach, and athletic exercise testing. (4)Other Related fields: medical supply reps (pacemakers, artificial joints, medical instruments) and pharmaceutical representatives.

Career Planning
Engaging in career planning activities is significant to student success. UNF offers customized career centers to deliver targeted programs, events, services, and resources. First-Year and Exploratory students should visit the Career Services webpage and Sophomore or higher-level students with a declared BCH major should visit the Brooks College of Health Career Services office.

Students should refer to their personalized Degree Evaluation provided by an academic advisor and to other university resources for additional university and college-specific policies and procedures. Visit the undergraduate university catalog for more information.

Summer terms may be utilized to facilitate graduation in four years.

  • Visit the university catalog for a list of General Education requirements. An Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public university, state college or community college satisfies UNF general education and Gordon Rule requirements. Math selection is contingent upon appropriate placement score, the student's major and credit received through accelerated mechanisms (Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Enrollment, etc). Visit the Kinesiology webpage for a complete list of prerequisites.
  • HSC2619 Introduction to Exercise Science is a recommended Free Elective, and may be completed any term it is offered on the Osprey Map prior to Term 5.
  • Honors in the Major is available to admitted Kinesiology students. One student per program faculty member is accepted each year. Requirements include: completion of at least 60 credit hours of college credit including at least 12 graded upper-division hours at the University of North Florida; at least 3.5 GPA within the major and at least 3.2 GPA in all upper-division courses regardless of Institution. Honors in the Major in Kinesiology is awarded upon completion of an advanced Honors Thesis, and the completion of at least three but not more than six hours of Direct Independent Studies course work as determined by the student's honors thesis advisor and at least three but no more than 12 hours of Honors Thesis or Project works taken in Kinesiology. In addition, the Department may (but not required to) ask students to also complete IDH3922 - Thesis Research Prospectus Colloquium: 1 hour and/or IDH 3920 Thesis Symposium Colloquium: 1 hour.
  • Civic Literacy Requirement: Prior to graduation from a Florida state university, students must demonstrate competency in civic literacy through successful completion of a civic literacy course (AMH 2020 or POS 2041) and by achieving a passing score on an assessment. Consult an academic advisor, the university catalog, and visit the Civic Literacy webpage for additional information.
  • Students must earn additional Free Elective credit if needed to satisfy the university minimum 120 total semester hours for graduation. Students considering graduate or professional school admission after earning their BSH should utilize Free Elective hours by completing the required prerequisites for graduate/professional school.
  • UNF currently admits one group of Kinesiology students every fall term. Visit the Kinesiology webpage for the current application deadline and admission criteria. The Kinesiology program is a Specialized Admissions program. In addition to meeting the university admission criteria, applicants must be junior status (earned a minimum of 60 semester hours). Program admission requires a decision by a college administrator or faculty member. Students are not guaranteed admission into this program, and can not degree progress into Term 5 (61-75 hours) until admitted into this program. Find specific admission criteria for this program on your Degree Evaluation, college website, university catalog, or consult your academic advisor. See the Kinesiology webpage for the deadline for receipt of transcripts from other institutions.

Term 1: Attempted Hours 0-15

Schedule Credit Hours
ENC1101 (GW) Audience and Purpose  3
MAC1105 College Algebra OR MAC1147 Precalculus (Program Prerequisite) 3 - 4
Select a General Education Course (See Degree Evaluation) 3
Select a General Education Course (See Degree Evaluation) 3
Select a Free Elective (If needed) Recommend BSC1010C General Biology I. BSC1010C is a Prereq for BSC2085C. 3
Total Hours:
15 - 16

Term 2: Attempted Hours 16-30

Schedule Credit Hours
ENC1143 (GW) Evidence and Style OR IDS1932 First Year IDS Writing Seminar 3
Elementary Statistics Course (STA2014 or STA2023) (Program Prerequisite) 3
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology (Program Prerequisite) 3
CHM2045 General Chemistry I (Program Prerequisite)
CHM2045L General Chemistry I Laboratory (Program Prerequisite)
(Prerequisite: CHM1025 Intro to Chemistry or qualifying score on chemistry placement assessment)
Select a Free Elective (If needed) Recommend HSC2619 Introduction to Exercise Science (Typically offered in spring and summer terms) 3
Total Hours:

Term 3: Attempted Hours 31-45

Schedule Credit Hours
Select a third Gen Ed Written Communication Course (See Degree Evaluation) 3
BSC2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Program Prerequisite) 4
HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition (Program Prerequisite) 3
SPC2608 Fundamentals of Speech (Program Prerequisite) 3
Select a Free Elective (If needed) 3
Total Hours: 16

Mile Marker(s)
BSC2085C Human Anat and Phys I Minimum Grade C
College Algebra OR Precalculus Course Minimum Grade C

Term 4: Attempted Hours 46-60

Schedule Credit Hours
BSC2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (Program Prerequisite) 4
Select a General Education Course (See Degree Evaluation) 3
Select a Free Elective (If needed) Recommend HSC2619 Introduction to Exercise Science if not previously taken (Typically offered spring and summer terms) 3
Select a Free Elective (If needed) 3
Total Hours: 13

Mile Marker(s)
BSC2086C Human Anatomy and Physiology II Minimum Grade C
General Chemistry I with Lab Minimum Grade C
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology Minimum Grade C
HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition Minimum Grade C
Elementary Statistics Course Minimum Grade C
All Kinesiology Program Prerequisites

Term 5: Attempted Hours 61-75

Schedule Credit Hours
HSC4612 Exercise Physio For Health Sci (Offered fall term only) 3
HSC4615L Lab Meth Ex Phys Hlth Sci (Offered fall term only) 3
HSC3537 Medical Terminology 3
ATR4610 Research Sports Med (Offered fall term only) 3
Total Hours: 12

Mile Marker(s)
HSC4612 Exercise Physio For Health Sci Minimum Grade C
HSC4615L Lab Meth Ex Phys Hlth Sci Minimum Grade C
HSC3537 Medical Terminology Minimum Grade C
ATR4610 Research Sports Med Minimum Grade C

Term 6: Attempted Hours 76-90

Schedule Credit Hours
HSC4549 Adv Exercise Physiology (Offered spring term only) 3
APK4125 Exercise Prescription (Offered spring term only) 3
PET4550 Physical Fitness Assessment (Offered spring term only) 3
PET3310 Kinesiology (Offered spring term only) 3
Total Hours: 12

Mile Marker(s) 
HSC4549 Adv Exercise Physiology Minimum Grade C
APK4125 Exercise Prescription Minimum Grade C
PET4550 Physical Fitness Assessment Minimum Grade C
PET3310 Kinesiology Minimum Grade C 
Civic Literacy Requirement

Summer 3

Schedule Credit Hours
APK4101 Skel Musc Struct and Function (Offered Summer term only) 3
APK3091 Lead and Prof in Kinesiology (Offered Summer term only) 3
Total Hours: 6

Mile Marker(s) 
APK4101 Skel Musc Struct and Function Minimum Grade C
APK3091 Lead and Prof in Kinesiology Minimum Grade C

Term 7: Attempted Hours 91-105

Schedule Credit Hours
HSC3553 Pathophysiology (Offered fall term only) 3
PSY3832 Psychology of Sport 3
PET3080 Physical Activity Epidemiology (Offered fall term only) 3
APK4165 Bioenergetics (Offered fall term only) 3
Total Hours: 12

Mile Marker(s) 
HSC3553 Pathophysiology Minimum Grade C
PSY3832 Psychology of Sport Minimum Grade C
PET3080 Physical Activity Epidemiology Minimum Grade C
APK4165 Bioenergetics Minimum Grade C
University Foreign Language Requirement 
Summer Residency Requirement

Term 8: Attempted Hours 106-120

Schedule Credit Hours
APK4120C Clinical Exercise Physiology (Offered spring term only) 3
APK4405 Exercise Psychology (Offered spring term only) 3
PEP4135 Princ Strength/Conditioning (Offered spring term only) 3
PET4943 Pre-Internship Kinesiology (Take the semester immediately preceding PET4942 Internship ES) 3
Total Hours: 12

Mile Marker(s) 
APK4120C Clinical Exercise Physiology Minimum Grade C
APK4405 Exercise Psychology Minimum Grade C
PEP4135 Princ Strength/Conditioning Minimum Grade C
PET4943 Pre-Internship Kinesiology Minimum Grade C

Summer 4

Schedule Credit Hours
PET4942 Internship in Kinesiology (Internship offered summer term only)                                 6
**NOTE: ALL Coursework must be completed prior to Internship. Any courses
taken with Internship require prior approval of the Program Director and may
ONLY be taken as Distance Learning (DL)**
Total Hours: 6

Total Program Hours:



The Osprey Map is not a contract between the University of North Florida and the student. It should be used as a general guide for the purpose of meeting requirements and constructing course schedules. The Map may be altered periodically to meet the objectives of the academic program or the university.