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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment refers to currently registered, degree-seeking UNF students who wish to earn credit at another appropriately accredited post-secondary institution for transfer back into a UNF degree program. Students seeking to concurrently enroll at another institution and transfer credits back to UNF must obtain approval from their UNF academic advisor. Prior to concurrently enrolling at a Florida public community college, state college, or State University System (SUS) institution must go to and complete the online Transient Student Admission Application.

Students seeking to concurrently enroll at an appropriately accredited private or out-of-state institution must obtain approval from both their advisor and from One-Stop Student Services prior to concurrently enrolling in a private or out-of-state institution . Paper Concurrent Enrollment Request forms are available from their academic advisor's office or from One-Stop Student Services.

Once a student is admitted to and enrolled at UNF, transfer credit earned as a concurrent student will not be used to satisfy degree requirements unless the credits were approved by the appropriate academic advising office.

Upon completion of the course(s), the student must have an official transcript from the host institution sent to UNF.

Students may be eligible for financial aid for approved courses taken concurrently at another institution. For additional information, please review the information online regarding Concurrent and Transient Enrollment and Consortium Agreements.

Limited Concurrent Enrollment Hours for Lower-Division Students

For lower-division students (those who matriculate with fewer than 60 semester hours), Concurrent Enrollment is limited to seven semester hours at another appropriately accredited institution, pending academic advisor approval. Students needing to satisfy the Florida Board of Governors' nine-hour summer residency requirement, who have not previously completed any concurrent enrollment, may be approved to concurrently enroll for a maximum of nine semester hours at one of the 12 SUS institutions during one or more summer semesters. To fulfill the summer residency requirement, a student may be approved for seven hours of concurrent enrollment at another appropriately accredited institution OR they may be approved for up to nine hours at an SUS institution. A student may not be approved for both methods. Exceptions to this policy may be approved for students participating in study abroad opportunities or for students facing other extenuating circumstances.