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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: International Business

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Concentration: KEDGE to UNF 2023-2024

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Informational Text

The KEDGE/UNF double degree is an exciting opportunity to spend two years at KEDGE and two years at UNF, including a four to six month internship in the United States. Students who complete both the UNF and KEDGE requirements earn two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration from UNF and a Bachelor of International Business from KEDGE Business School.

The degree evaluation below reflects only the requirements to earn the UNF degree. In order to earn the KEDGE Business School degree, additional requirments must be met. These are listed on your Osprey Map and on the KEDGE/UNF program website under the Curriculum tab; they include the following:

  • completing additional coursework at KEDGE (France)
  • completing a bachelor's thesis
  • fulfilling internship experience in the United States

Additionally, visit the university catalog for a list of General Education requirements. Up to 27 credits of General Education requirements can be fulfilled by qualifying French Baccalaureate scores. Any General Education requirement not fulfilled by French Baccalaureate test scores will need to be completed at UNF, which may result in additional time spent at UNF. Select the Curriculum tab on the KEDGE/UNF program website to see the French Baccalaureate Table on the KEDGE program website.

Prerequisites (21 credits)

21 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required in all prerequisites.

ACG2021 Prin of Financial Accounting (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ACGX021, ACGX022 or (ACGX001 and ACGX011)
ACG2071 Prin Managerial Accounting (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: (2-3 credit hours) ACGX071 or ACGX301
CGS1100 Computer Applications for Busi (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) CGSX100, CGSX530, CGSX570, CGSX060, CGSX531, CGSX000, CGSX100C or ISMX000 (or demonstrated competency)
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ECOX013
ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ECOX023
MAC2233 (GM)Calculus for Business (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) MACX233 or MACX230
STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) STAX023, STAX122 or QMBX100

Core Requirements (18 credits)

18 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required in all core courses. MAN4720 is taken during the final semester of on-campus coursework, the semester prior to beginning the internship FIN3403, MAN3025, & MAR3023 must be completed prior to taking MAN4720.

BUL3130 Legal Environment of Business (3 Credits)
FIN3403 Financial Management (3 Credits)
MAN3025 Principles of Management (3 Credits)
MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
MAN3504 Operations Management (3 Credits)
MAN4720 Strategic Mgmt Business Policy (3 Credits)
You must pre-apply at for MAN4720.

Major Requirements (12 credits)

12 semester hours are required. All International Business Majors are required to participate in an approved international educational experience. Students are also required to complete the S.T.A.R Certification program with the Coggin Career Management Center prior to starting their mandatory internship.

ECO3704 International Trade (3 Credits)
FIN4604 International Finance (3 Credits)
MAN4600 International Management (3 Credits)
MAR4156 International Marketing (3 Credits)

Major Electives (6 credits)

(ECO3701 & GEO3553 are specifically excluded) A grade of "C" or better is reguired in all courses in this area.

SELECT 2 from list

ACG4251, ACG4956, BUL4322, ECO4713, ECO4956, ECS3013, ECS3403, ECS3303, FIN4956, GEB4956, GEO3502, MAN4064, MAN4654, MAN4956. MAR4956, SPN3013, TAX4901, TRA4721 OR TRA4956

Internships (3 credits)

Students must complete the S.T.A.R Certification program prior to beginning their internship. The internship takes place in the United States during the student's final semester(s) at UNF. International students are responsible for procuring appropriate immigration documents within the necessary time frame.

GEB3361 International Business Interns (1-20 Credits)

Requisites (6 credits)

Select 2 foreign language courses at the intermediate level or above. Both courses must be in the same language. A grade of "C" of better is required for all courses in this area.

SELECT Intermediate I Foreign Language

Take 3 credit hours: SPN2200/FRE2240/JPN2200/GER2200/CHI2200/POR2200/RUS2200

SELECT Intermediate II Foreign Language

Take additional 3 credit hours of same language: SPN2201/FRE2241/JPN2201/GER2201/CHI2201/POR2201/RUS2201

Required Business (6 credits)

6 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses in this area.

ISM4011 Intro Management Info Systems (3 Credits)
ECO3411 Business/Economic Statistics (3 Credits)

Non-Business Requirements (3 credits)

ENC3202 Prof. Comm. Business (3 Credits)

Non-Business Requirements (6 credits)

Select 2 courses (6 hours) from one of the seven regional studies areas. One of the courses must satisfy the Coggin College of Business cultural diversity requirement

ASIAN Studies option
LATIN AMER Studies Option
MID EAST & African Studies option
INTER REL International Relations Option
FRENCH LAN French Language Option
SPANISH Language Option

Experimental Courses

All International Business majors are required to have an international experience prior to graduation. Students with the KEDGE concentration will satisfy this upon completion of their additional KEDGE requirements.

EXPERIENCE International