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2024-2025 University Catalog
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minor: Fitness Management


Minor: Fitness Management (12 credits)

PET3768C Exercise Instruction (3 Credits)
PET4416 Theo and Prac of Fit Man (3 Credits)
SPM3104 Sport Facility Management (3 Credits)

COMPLETE 3 total credit hours. Courses cannot be repeated.
PEL1121 Golf (1 credit)
PEL1211 Softball (1 credit)
PEL1321 Volleyball (1 credit)
PEL1441 Racquetball (1 credit)
PEL1621 Basketball (1 credit)
PEM1104 Physical Conditioning (2 credits)
PEM1131 Weight Training (2 credits)
PEL2905 Selected Topics Activities: Variable tile (1-3 credits)