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2023-2024 University Catalog
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minor: Asian Studies


Minor: Asian Studies (15 credits)

A minimum of 6 hours must be taken at UNF. No more than six semester hours of language credit may be counted toward the minor. With the approval of the Asian Studies minor advisor, independent studies and other relevant courses may be counted for credit. In some cases, the Introduction to Asia requirement may be waived. A grade of C or better is required in all minor courses.

ASN2003 (CD) Introduction to Asia (3 Credits)

ASH 3620 Asian Art & Culture (3 credits)
ASH 3440 Japanese Civilization (3 credits)
ASH 3337 Gandhi/Modern India (3 credits)
PHH 3860 The Japanese Mind (3 credits)
PHH 3820 Chinese Philosophy (3 credits)
PHH 3811 The Philosophy of Zen Buddhism (3 credits)
ASN 3106 Women and Gender in East Asia (3 credits)
PHI 3932 Special Topics ion Asian Thought and Practice ( 3 credits)
ASH 3404 Modern China (3 credits)
ASH 3402 Traditional China (3 credits)
ASH 3401 Contemporary China (previous course title Beyond Chairman Mao) (3 credits)
PHI 3664 Ethics East and West (3 credits)
REL 3310 Asian Religions (3 credits)
REL 3330 Religions of India (3 credits)
CHI 1120 Beginning Chinese I (4 credits)
CHI 1121 Beginning Chinese II (4 credits)
CHI 2200 Intermediate Chinese I (3 credits)
CHI 2201 Intermediate Chinese II (3 credits)