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2023-2024 University Catalog
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certificate: Performers Certificate Program

Degree: Undergraduate Certificate (CU) 2023-2024

Certificate Requirements (8 credits)

Students may only enroll in the certificate in conjunction with a degree-seeking program. Please see the Undergraduate Certificate Programs page for more information.

Certificate Requirements (8 credits plus Performance Requirement)

Statement of Goals: This selective applied program is designed to draw a small group of talented young artists to our musical community, where they can benefit from personal instruction and artistic interaction in chamber music, ensemble, and solo performance activity. The program curriculum stresses applied study and directed performance activity. It is intentionally flexible so students may benefit from a uniquely personal experience. The full-time, 2-6 semester certificate program includes a minimum of four (4) academic credit hours per semester to be selected in consultation with the major advisor.

The program also mandates extensive practice/rehearsal time and presentations/performances on campus and in the community. Applicants must demonstrate live or taped audition that they possess the musical competence and promise sufficient to justify admission to this very selective program. The certificate requires a minimum residency of one year (2 semesters), which may be extended to up to 3 years (6 semesters) with the approval of the major advisor.

Applied Lessons (2 Credits)
Chamber Music (1 Credit)
Ensemble (1 credit)

ELECTIVES (4 credits)
MUS 4905 Directed Individual Studies (1-3 credits)
MUS 3930 Special Topics in Music (1-3 credits)
Free Electives (0-4 Credits)

  • Practice/rehearsals (minimum 20 hours per week)
  • Presentations/performances on campus and in the community (minimum one per semester)
  • Full solo recital(s) (minimum one per year)
The satisfactory completion of the Performance Requirements will be overseen by the student's applied teacher