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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Mathematics

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS) 2023-2024

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Prerequisites (22 credits)

Requires grades of C or above.

MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
MAC2312 (GM) Calculus II (4 Credits)
MAC2313 (GM) Calculus III (4 Credits)
MAP2302 (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations (3 Credits)
Department recommends a computer programming language course (COP) in PASCAL, FORTRAN, C, C+, C++
1 laboratory-based science course designed for science majors in BSC, CHM, PHY, or GLY

Major Requirements (19 credits)

Grades of C or above required in all major courses.
Note: All transfer courses require prior approval of department chairperson.
The math department recommends MAA 4211, MAA 4212 and MAS 4302 be taken in the senior year.

MHF3202 (GM)Foundations of Mathematics (4 Credits)
Prerequisite: MAC 2312
MAS3105 (GM) Linear Algebra (4 Credits)
Prerequisite: MAC 2312
MAS4301 (GM) Abstract Algebra I (4 Credits)
Prerequisites: MAS 3105 and MHF 3202
MAA4211 (GM) Advanced Calculus I (4 Credits)
Prerequisites: MAC 2313, MAS 3105, and MHF 3202

MAA 4212 (GM) Advanced Calculus II (3 credits)
MAS 4302 (GM) Abstract Algebra II ( 3 credits)

Contextual Courses (4 credits)

STA4321 (GM)Probability and Statistics (4 Credits)
Prerequisite: MAC 2312

Major Electives (12 credits)

Please check catalog course descriptions for prerequisite requirements.

MAA 4402 Complex Analysis (3 Credits)
MAA 4212 Advanced Calculus II (3 Credits)
MAD 3107 Discrete Mathematics (3 Credits)
MAD 4203 Combinatorics (3 Credits)
MAD 4301 Graph Theory (3 Credits)
MAD 4401 Numerical Analysis (3 Credits)
MAD 4505 Discrete Biomathematics (3 Credits)
MAP 3170 Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science (3 Credits)
MAP 4231 Operations Research (3 Credits)
MAP 4341 Elementary Partial Differential Equations (3 Credits)
MAS 3203 Number Theory (3 Credits)
MAS 4156 Vector Analysis (3 Credits)
MAS 4302 Abstract Algebra II (3 Credits)
MHF 3404 History of Mathematics (3 Credits)
MTG 3212 Modern Geometry (3 Credits)
MTG 4302 Elementary Topology (3 Credits)
STA 4322 Statistical Theory (4 Credits)
STA 4672 Prob. Models w/ App to Actuarial Science (3 Credits)
MAP 4103 Mathematical Modeling (3 Credits)
MAP 4314 Dynamical Systems (3 Credits)

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

MAS4932 Capstone Experience in Math (1 Credit)
MAS4900 Research Exp in Math- DIS (2 Credits)

Minor Required

Bachelor of Science students majoring in mathematics or statistics must select a minor from among biology, physics, computer science, statistics (for mathematics majors only), chemistry, economics, business, or mathematics (for statistics majors only). Double majors are exempt from a minor.

Free Electives (7 credits)

This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).