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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Electrical Engineering

Degree: BS in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) 2024-2025

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Informational Text

General Education requirements for engineering students differ from other majors. Do not register for general education courses without consulting your academic advisor and Osprey Map.

Prerequisites (26 credits)

A grade of "C" or higher is required in all Engineering prerequisite courses.
Additionally, the engineering majors are selective admission majors. Students must meet the following admission requirements with a minimum grade of C prior to officially being admitted to the major: MAC2311 Calculus 1, PHY2048C Calc-based Physics I, and CHM2045 Gen Chemistry I. 

CHM2045 General Chemistry I (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: CHS1440
MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
Prerequisite(s) required: Pre-calculus at the college level with a "C" or higher
Acceptable substitute: MACx281
MAC2312 (GM) Calculus II (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MACx282
MAC2313 (GM) Calculus III (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MACx283
MAP2302 (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MAPx305
PHY2048C Calculus-based Physics I (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: PHY2048 and PHY2048L for the lecture and the lab; PHYx041 for the lecture
PHY2049+L Calc-Based Phys II + L (3+1)
Acceptable substitute: PHY2049C for the lecture and the lab; PHYx044 or PHYx042 for the lecture

Foundation (16 credits)

COP2220 Programming I (3 Credits)
EGN1001C Introduction to Engineering I (2 Credits)
MAS3105 (GM) Linear Algebra (4 Credits)
STA4321 (GM)Probability and Statistics (4 Credits)
ENC3246 Prof. Comm: Engineering (3 Credits)

Core Requirements (48 credits)

EEL3013 Modeling and Sim in EE (3 Credits)
EEE3308 Microelectronics I (3 Credits)
EEE4309 Microelectronics II (3 Credits)
EEE4309L Electronics Lab (1 Credit)
EEL3111 Circuit Analysis I (3 Credits)
EEL3112 Circuit Analysis II (3 Credits)
EEL3117L Electrical Circuits Laboratory (1 Credit)
EEL3135 Signals and Systems (3 Credits)
EEL3216 Introduction to Power Systems (3 Credits)
EEL3472 Electromagnetic Fields Applic (3 Credits)
EEL3701 Intro to Digital Systems (3 Credits)
EEL3701L Intro to Digital Systems Lab (1 Credit)
EEL4514 Communication Systems (3 Credits)
EEL4514L Communication Systems Lab (1 Credit)
EEL4657 Linear Control Systems (3 Credits)
EEL4657L Linear Control Systems Lab (1 Credit)
EEL4744C Microcontroller Applications (4 Credits)
EEL4914 Senior Capstone Design I (3 Credits)
EEL4915 Senior Capstone Design II (3 Credits)

Technical Electives (15 credits)

SELECT 15 credits from the following:

  • EEE4214 Biomedical Imaging (3 Credits)
  • EEE4290C Biomedical Engineering Research Methods (3 Credits)
  • EEE4200C Biomendical Instrumentation and System Design (3 Credits)
  • EEE4284 Biomedical Signal Processing (3 Credits)
  • EEL4081 Topics on Rehabilitation Engineering (3 Credits)
  • EEL4220 Electric Machines (3 Credits)
  • EEL4241 Power Electronics (3 Credits)
  • EEL4283 Introduction to Renewable Energy (3 Credits)
  • EEL4445 Machine Vision (3 Credits)
  • EEL4440 Optical Fiber Communications (3 Credits)
  • EEL4580 Wireless and Mobile Communications (3 Credits)
  • EEL4610 State-Space Control Systems (3 Credits)
  • EEL4703 Applied Programmable Logic Controllers (3 Credits)
  • EEL4712 Digital Design (3 Credits)
  • EEL4712L Digital Design Lab (1 Credit)
  • EEL4713C Introduction to Instrumentation (3 credits)
  • EEL4750 Intro to Digital Signal Processing (3 Credits)
  • EEL4750L Digital Signal Processing Lab (1 Credit)
  • EEL4829 Digital Image Processing (3 Credits)
  • EEL4955 Electrical Engineering Study Abroad (1-3 Credits)
  • EEL4905 Undergraduate Supervised Research (1-3 Credits)*
  • EEL4906 Directed Independent Studies (1-3 Credits)*
  • EEL4949 Electrical Engineering Internship (1-3 Credits; Repeatable to a maximum of 3 Credits)
  • EEL4930 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (1-3 Credits)
  • EEL4931 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (1-4 Credits)
  • Any other 4000-level courses with either an EEE or EEL prefix taken at UNF
  • Students may take no more than 6 credit hours (UNF courses only) at either 3000 or 4000 level from Physics, Mathematics, Computing or Engineering to count towards technical elective credit hours. Students must secure approval from the School of Engineering Director prior to registering when taking a course from these disciplines.
*EEL4905 and EEL4906 can be taken in any combination up to a total of 6 credit hours

Accelerated BSEE-MSEE

A maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate level coursework may be used towards technical electives at the undergraduate level.  Students wishing to take gradate credits while in undergraduate status must receive approval from the School of Engineering Director prior to registering for the graduate level course(s).


No additional hours should be necessary to reach 120 credit hours. If necessary, select additional courses to attain a total of 120 hours. This area includes hours at any level (1000-4000).

ANY LEVEL credits for 120 total hours.