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2022-2023 University Catalog
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major: Business Analytics

Degree: Master of Science (MS) 2022-2023

Informational Text

This program requires 30 credit hours. The common core (21 credits) are earned through graduate courses in the Coggin College of Business and the School of Computing. The elective hours (9 credits) are selected from areas of specialization including Computing, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Accounting, HR, Sports Management, and Data Science.

Core Requirements (21 credits)

Required courses (7 course - 21 credit hours)

CAP6768 Data Analytics (3 Credits)
COP6284 Programming for Data Science (3 Credits)
ISM6021 Mgmt Information Technology (3 Credits)
ISM6419 Data Visualization (3 Credits)
ISM6404 Applications of Buss Analytics (3 Credits)
ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data (3 Credits)
CEN6940 Computing Practicum (3 Credits)

Electives (9 credits)

Select 9 credit hours of electives from an area of specialization. The list below provides sample elective courses to choose from. Other courses may be approved with permission of the CCB Graduate Program Director.

SELECT 3 courses (9 credits):
MAR6726: Digital Marketing Analytics
ECP6705: Economics of Business Decisions
GEO6506: Economic Geography & Geographic Info Systems
MAN6789: Social Media & Business Analytics
MAN6785: E-Business Strategy
MAN6581: Project Management
MAN6525: Process Management & Quality Improvements
SPM5308: Marketing & Promotions in Sport
ACG6405: Advanced Accounting Information Systems
CIS6372: Information Assurance
CIS6913: Research Methods
ECO6060: Economic Analysis
ECO6426: Applied Econometrics
HSA6196: Quantitative Analysis for Health Services
HSA6707 Research Methods for Healthcare Management
MAN6501 Modeling & Mgmt of Operations
MAN6943 Graduate Mgmt Internship
MAR6616 Marketing Research
NGR7871 Healthcare Informatics for Advanced Practice
PUP6006 Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Mgmt
PUP6007 Policy Analysis
PHC6051 Public Health Biostatistics II
STA6106 Computer-Intensive Methods in Statistics
STA6666 Statistical Quality Control
TRA6157 Supply Chain Management
TRA6216 Strategic Logistics Management