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2023-2024 University Catalog
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minor: Physics


Minor: Physics (20 credits)

All courses required for the minor may be transferred with prior approval of the department chair.
A cumulative average of 2.5 is required.

PHY2048C Calculus-based Physics I (4 Credits)
Prerequisites: MAC2311 and PHY1028 (prior to Spring 2021 PHY1020 is acceptable) and Corequisite: MAC2312

PHY2049/L Calculus-Based Physics II and Lab (4 Credits)
PHY3101/L Modern Physics I and Lab (4 Credits)

PHZ 3113C Mathematical Physics (4 Credits)
PHY 3220 Classical Mechanics (4 Credits)
PHY 4320 Electricity & Magnetism (4 Credits)
PHY 3424C Optics with Laboratory (4 Credits)
PHY 3722C Electronics for Scientists (4 Credits)
PHY 3604 Quantum Mechanics (4 Credits)
PHY 4523 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (4 Credits)
PHZ 4404 Solid State Physics (3 Credits)
PHZ 4304 Nuclear Physics (3 Credits)
AST 3217 Astrophysics I (4 Credits)
AST 3402 Astrophysics II (4 Credits)